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Thread: New 262RB Nice rig!

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    New 262RB Nice rig!

    We have a new 262RB and so far so good, Haven't had a chance to camp yet but have some good features. First time buyer and have a lot to learn.

    Do I need 2 batteries?

    Any other suggestions for a newbie would be appreciated.

    Bought from Fun Town Rv OK Good deal and good people!
    Proud new owner of a Sundance 262RB
    First time buyer!

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    Re: New 262RB Nice rig!

    Quote Originally Posted by pfflyerj55 View Post

    Do I need 2 batteries?
    Congratulations on your new trailer!

    Having more than one battery depends on how you plan to use it.

    If you only plan to stay at RV parks with hookups, than one battery will probably do fine. If you plan on doing a lot of dry camping, than you probably want to consider a second battery. It isn't always about one or two batteries. It's more about your needs when not on shore power. Some folks use two 6 volt golf cart batteries in series. That generally can give you more Amp Hours than a single 12 volt battery.

    In any case, if you are using flooded lead acid batteries, you don't want to discharge more than 50%. That can damage the battery.

    If doing extended dry camping, you may want to invest in a small generator to recharge your batteries periodically.

    Hope that helps.
    Joe and Luise

    2018 Sundance XLT 289 TS

    Here are My Mods from my previous Sundance

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