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Thread: What is the right truck for my Bighorn 3055RL?

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    What is the right truck for my Bighorn 3055RL?

    I currently own a Chevy Duramax 2500 and have been reading these threads for a while. After reading all that I can read I have determined that i am over the capacities with just a 3/4 ton. Are the 1 ton SRW Dodge and Chevy crew cabs sufficient tow vehicles for an normally loaded 3055 RL or do I really need a dually? I was also considering a used F450 just for the load and braking abilities. Some great deals on used trucks in almost all the above. Some expert advise would be appreciated.


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    Your 3/4 Ton Duramax should be fine. If you say you are normally loaded there nothing wrong with your truck. Many 3055 owners including me use a 3/4 truck with no trouble. See the earlier post [IMG]//[/IMG] what does your 3055RL weigh?.

    Dave and Kathy Timpone
    Auburn, CA
    2008 Bighorn 3055RL
    2005 GMC 2500HD Duramax
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    I would not call myself an expert, but I looked at a lot of trucks, weights,and numbers before buying our Landmark. The Chevys have the lowest tow capacity. Dodges were close to 14,000 if equipped with the 4:10 gears. I could not find a crew cab dually with 4;10 in all of Colorado at the time. The Fords 350 were also capable, but the 16,000+ of the Landmarks left very little safety margin. I found the 450 in Pueblo at a price to good to pass. The utility bed is wonderful. the storage and security in the compartments is much better than a standard truck bed. I also like the added stability of the dually. I have towed the 39 feet of Landmark in a good cross wind and felt no wiggle at highway speeds. The added blowout protection of the dually is also nice. With a little practice I can get the 450 into almost any parking spot. the choice is yours but but think about safety and future upgrades.

    just my $0.02
    Alan, Sandy, and 2 Corgis, Molly and Baxter

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    Chevy's had the lowest tow capacity? The Chevy's have a GVWR of 23,500, and a loaded 4x4 dually weighs about 8000, which leaves 15,500.

    Clark and Gail Thompson
    2003 GMC 3500 Duramax/Allison, 4x4, CC LB
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    I was looking at numbers based on the 16,500 of the Landmark Augusta, so the Chevy was a no go for me.
    Alan, Sandy, and 2 Corgis, Molly and Baxter

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    We have an 09 3055 and pull it with an 07 3/4 ton classic with the duramax.
    I could not be happier.
    This truck is fine for the fifth wheel you have.

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    I would think your truck would be fine as well. Based on our experience with our 3370, which is a heavier dry weight, fully loaded, and I mean loaded, we were only a couple hundred pounds over with our 3/4 ton Ford. It handled well, stopped OK, but that year Ford had a trans issue and we found we were yanking the transmission out of it.
    Having gone thru this recently, I will offer the advice that if you think you might upgrade in the future, just go ahead and get the bigger truck now. We wound up with a 1 ton dually and couldn't be happier about the way it tows now.
    Ray & Deb
    2008 3370 Bighorn #9072
    2008 F350 PS CC DRW

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