Hi everyone,
We have friends whose son was injured by tractor tire exploding in his face last Oct. He is making a slow recovery and will be ready to move to a special rehab center that specializes in tramatic brain injury in Bakersfield. There are only three of these places in the whole country and one of them is in Bakersfield? How lucky is that?

Anyway, the young man's dad (Rod) has quit his job, and will be moving down there to be close and help with the rehab. Leslie, his wife, will be down there as often as possible. They plan on putting their 40' Weekend Warrior down there somewhere for Rod to live in during Tyler's rehab.

Any suggestions about a god place to stay, for some unknown length, but definately long term camping? Someplace nice, safe, clean, and reasonably priced?

This whole thing has thrown them for a loop emotionally and financially, even though it was an on the job injury and covered by Ty's employer. I told them I would try to find a good place for them so they don't have to worry about it.

Thanks for your help. I know Rod and Leslie will appreciate it too.