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Thread: Opening up your first VA Claim -- Now this is a hard one!!

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    Re: Opening up your first VA Claim -- Now this is a hard one!!

    I am also 100% due to unemployability. Actaully 90% disabled but can't work, thus the reason for 100%. I will say that even though I did most of the communication with the VA keeping very careful records, and triplicates of every correspondence that I got from VA Drs, my family Dr and anything at all related to this case. With that being said I recommend getting a service officer from American Legion, DAV, Vietnam Veterans of America, etc as they have the knowledge and the inside info on how to get through all the red tape. Also don't think of this as something that is going to happen anytime soon. It takes a long while to get through it all. But from the day you make the claim if approved say a year or two down the road it is paid from the date of claim.

    Patience is a virtue with the VA. One that I am not very good with at all. But stay persistant and if you get a service officer keep in touch with him regularly also as he is a very busy person. Oiling the squeaky wheel always makes things smoother.

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    Re: Opening up your first VA Claim -- Now this is a hard one!!

    Semper FI Dave
    If your ever in Indianan stop in the thousand trails in Clinton and have a drink. Working on my 100% at 60 now but neck keeps gettin worse and still fighting to get lower back rated. (had M240 drop on top of my head and break my neck)
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    Re: Opening up your first VA Claim -- Now this is a hard one!!

    Started my claim in August of 2011. VA screwed around for two years then did a provisional decision of denial. They closed the claim, without a C&P exam, VA said I missed the appointment they made for me. I have NEVER missed an appointment, with my VA doctors. They did not tell me about the appointment. After closing the original claim they re-opened the claim and started all over.
    My VFW service officer told me they did a provisional denial just to close the claim to make their records look better. So now going on 3 years and still fighting.....and yeah it was the Phoenix Arizona VA,,,,,,

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    Re: Opening up your first VA Claim -- Now this is a hard one!!

    They tried doing this to my Dad in San Antonio. Sick these people.
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    Re: Opening up your first VA Claim -- Now this is a hard one!!

    I retired in 2008 and have been jacked around by the VA ever since. All of the disability counselors say I should be over 75%, but the VA had me at 40 and now I am at 20! I have filed 2 subsequent appeals and both have mysteriously vanished. Just one more thought, everyone I have had to deal with at the VA, besides the volunteers, HAD NEVER BEEN IN ANY BRANCH OF THE MILITARY!!! I hope they enjoy their new furniture and gaudy art. Sorry, just had to vent.

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    Re: Opening up your first VA Claim -- Now this is a hard one!!
    This link may be of some help to you. You can find face just like the DAV the VFW and stuff like that to help you and re-opening your claim. I personally went through the VFW It took me a few years but I finally got 100% service connected disability complete and total with the help of the VFW so I hope this helps.

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    Re: Opening up your first VA Claim -- Now this is a hard one!!

    DAV jacked around with my claim for over a year. COuldn't talk to officer assigned. Finally gave up and went with the VFW. Exam, hearing, and approval took less than 6 months.
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