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Thread: Our Maiden Voyage! Sundnce 2900RK

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    Our Maiden Voyage! Sundnce 2900RK

    We'll it was a lst minute decision on Friday night after work that my wife and I decided to make our Maiden Voyage in our new Sundance 2900RK. Everything Started out great though rushed at times but organized chaos at others to put somet hings together, we decided to take off on a 210 mile journey to our nieces college track meet in Hutchinson, KS. When we left SW Kansas winds were out of the south at sustained 30mph and gust in the 40mph, not perfect travel weather but would not let that stop us. We left about 9:30pm full steam ahead. We were able to maintain 65mph and the traile rpulled beautifully. I was amased at how well it pulled and what little affect the wind had on it......

    We arrived about 1:00 a.m. at our destination now ....................the .............not .........happy............part........
    While setting up the 5er, we got it all backed in nice, got a top spot in the 211 Full Hook up Camp, of course there were only 5 other campers there at the time..What happened next...........
    I go inside start to put out the it was extending outward I remembered we were awfully close to that water hydrant. I stpped imediatly, ran out side and it was to late................................the slide hade pushedinto the hydrant, over a guard rail and it was pushing 2:00am.... We assesed the situation and appeared we could get it loose with out any problems, so carefully we hooked back up to the pick up, moved the slide in slightly, and was able to get out of the mess with just a small half dollar size dent to the bottom edge that rolls under, not noticeable unless it was pointed out, what a relief myhart sunk to know that I was that stupid, probably more tired and in a hurry than stupid...well now that you mention it STUPID......But awfully luck we did not tear it up. We did bend the water hydrant but was able to bend it back and make sure all operation was proper, and reported it to the caretaker.

    Once the Dust settled everything came together perfectly, we did wake to find a wet place in the living room by the entertainment center. Removed the cover for the back side of the Hot water heater and had a loose fitting that was a constant drip. Tighted it all up and dried up the water, everything worked great after that.......

    So then we ventured off to the track meetat about 11:00am winds were now 40mph sustained and 65mph gusts....eeek... We finished the trackmeet about 6:00pm and deciede to pack up and voyage back, unfotunatly a quick trip, but had to get back for church the nex morning, I sing in the choir and it was our easter contata.

    We got left about 8:00 after we packed everything and got fuel. Our journey home included sustained winds of 38mph and gust of 55mph all the way home and ou of the North this time. Now for the fun part we were traveling East and West there and back, nvere a tail wind never a head wind but yes cross winds there and back for a total of about 8 hours on the road. But the trailer pulled wounderful. I am so happy with our purchase. Just so far an amizing product and lookinf forward to our next trip and yes if you did not keep track here is the list of events for our trip:

    9:30 PM Leave Ulysses, KS
    1:00 AM AArrive in Hutchinson, KS(Kansas State Fair Grounds RV Park)
    1:50 AM Disaster strikes the water hydrant.
    3:00 AM FInally get everything set and head to bed.
    10:00 AM Awake eat breakfast and head to track meet.
    6:00 PM head back to pack up and head home.
    8:00 PM Leave Hutch
    11:30 pm Back Home

    Not bad for about 28 hours....................

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    Sounds like a good start to lots of good RV memories ! Hope you can stay longer next time.

    Happy Camping
    Cliff & Sheryl, Aka Growlie Bear & Dodge Girl

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    If you guys can make a trip like that with nothing more than a small dent I'm sure your going to do fine with your new Sundance. I hope your next trip is a little slower paced as rushing around is what usually causes most of us to to make our dumb mistakes. Your right about the towing, my Sundance is 4 ft. longer than my old 5 ver and it tows so much better its unbelievable. Good luck and happy camping
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    We experienced the same water heater leak. Our other water leak was associated with the outside shower and required the hose connection to the water bib to be tightened. All very easily acccessible underneath bathroom sink.
    2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD D/A LTZ
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    Congrats sundance i own the same model and we love it works really good and same here it tows perfect but i sure wish heartland would look into fixing there water leak issues it seems almost every one has the same water leak but that just goes back to lack of management and QC have fun.


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    I really think after our first RV purchase here, I would make one statement. Take off all of the access panels and tighten evething up on the water lines. I know you should not have to but lots of thinks can happen in transit etc. I noticed when tightening mine they were all loose, but only one leeking and it was a slow drip but dripping overnight I found it in the morning as I stepped in it a wet puddle in the carpet.......Dired it all up and back in business.

    I am also working on a very simple and cheap modification for the access panel to the back of the hot waterheater and pump on my 2900RK. The access panel is recessed and held on with 2 screws in the cabinet below the entertainment center. Instead of 2 screws, I am going to put valcro and a pull handle. One it is for extremely easy access when winterising or empting the particulate filter for the pump but also when the cabinet door is open it has the appearence of a drawer and not just a blank panel thinking were does that go b/c the book did not tell me. This way anyone in the future also that my own it goes to pull, the cover comes off and whala! THat's what that is, instead of a go find a screw driver and see what is back there. ALso the handle would make it easy to pull even with out the velcro. Once the screws were removed it was still hard to get out of there.

    Happy camping out there!!!!!

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    Your velcro idea for the entertainment centre access panel is good. I think that this might also be a good idea for the access panel to the water tank bypass in the basement.
    2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD D/A LTZ
    2009 Sundance 2900MK

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