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Thread: Should I get 4X4 or 4X2?

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    Should I get 4X4 or 4X2?

    Weíre in the process of refining our requirements for our RV purchase. We have not bought anything yet (i.e., truck, hitch, or RV) so we can make sure we donít make a mistake and have to buy something twice. Our plan is to buy a heavily optioned Landmark Augusta for fulltime use (i.e., a heavy one).

    We plan to stay in Florida during the winters and stay mostly in campgrounds and not go off road with the truck. We plan to move every few weeks. We plan to travel from Texas to the east coast and Florida to Pennsylvania.

    The truck we plan on ordering is a 2010 Dodge 3500 Crew Cab dully with a long bed. We will get the diesel with the automatic. Iím not sure which rear end we will get. Iím need some advice on which drive I should order (i.e., 4X4 or 4X2). Either one can handle the weight of the Landmark. I know there are pros and cons to either one. Below are some Iíve come up with. Have I missed anything and what advice do you have? Iím leaning towards getting the 4X2 but Iím open to change. What I donít know is how often do you really need the 4X4? What are the differences in the ride quality? I need as smooth a ride as possible due to my wife's health issues.

    Pro of 4X4:
    • Less likely to need a tow truck if stuck in mud at campground
    • Higher resale value for truck

    Con of 4X4
    • Higher initial cost
    • Lower fuel mileage
    • Higher maintenance cost (more to break)
    • Higher bed height on truck making it harder for my wife to get into the cab (sheís short and has arthritis) and due to the bed height I may possibly have to flip the axils on the Landmark to maintain a level ride while towing
    • Lower towing capacity

    Pro of 4X2
    • Lower bed height
    • Lower initial cost
    • Lower maintenance cost
    • Higher fuel mileage
    • Higher towing capacity

    Con of 4X2
    • May require winch or tow truck if stuck in mud at campground (could carry a winch in truck or use emergency service if stuck)
    • Lower resale value for truck
    Thanks for your input.


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    In my experience, the 4x2 is going to give your wife a more comfortable ride.

    4x4 is nice to have but you the ride difference may be worth the trade-off. I towed for 3 years with my 4x2 and loved it. It is true though - little traction with a dually 4x2 on wet grass or snow.

    My current TV is a 4x4 as it was the last 2007 chassis cab on the lot and the incentives were great on it.

    Jim Beletti

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    I would go with the 4x4. Now I have a ranch and need four wheel drive so I'm biased. Last year we were at a site and it was raining and muddy. I was slipping and the RV was stating to slide around. Put it in four wheel drive and out we went with no problems. I have never regreted having a 4x4 and will never have anything but a 4x4. In my area a 4x4 is also worth more in trade in and resale. But in the long run get what you want and then you'll be happy.
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    If you spend all or most of your time on flatlands and out of snow and ice 4X2 may work for you. Even if you do have to get a tow or two with a 4X2 during the truck's lifeyou may be better off if 4X4 is something you would rarely use. Where I am in the NC mountains a 4X4 is the norm.

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    I have a 4x4 and live in Michigan. I use it all the time. I was in North Carolina in the mountains over Easter. It snowed unexpectedly, and boy was I glad I had it.I think you will be limiting your self if you dont get it.You may now say"we are only going where the weather is nice." You cant change your mind if you dont have a 4x4.
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    Howard, We looked all over the PNW for a 4x2 dually Dodge and couldn't find one, ended up with the truck in the sig. It tows our 3670 loaded up just fine. Having had 4x4 Fords all along I don't know what I was thinking trying to find a 2 wheeler. My votes for the 4x4 long bed.
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    Why would you have to flip the axles? No need to flip on mine 4x4.

    A few examples.

    Wall, South Dakota. Guys pulls in with his 4x2 Dodge. Turning into one of the loops he went into the grass and buried himself. Guys all stand around scratching heads and thinking while the wheels just spin. Guy comes over with his 4x4 F250 and pulls Truck and camper out of mud.

    Denver, Colorado. Guys pulls in and is trying to back his dually into a sloped grassed spot. Light misty rain. Wheels spin, spin,spin and tear up grass. He ended up parked next to the office the first night.

    Florida, Ny we pull into a campground at night. Snow fell. Try going up the hill. No go, spin, spin , spin. Put it in 24 wheel drive and up we go no problem. Would have never gotten into spot.

    In all the years I've had 4x4 I've never had a transfer case problem.

    My 4x4 has the same towing capacity as a 4x2. They play with the numbers and I end up with a Higher GVWR.

    The 4x4 have a step. So they are not harder to get into.

    No problem with ride on my 4x4. Ford allows you to select spring packages.

    You forgot one added PRO for the 4x4. It lets you do more adventurous site seeing.
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    I can't tell you how many times I thanked the good Lord that I have a 4X4. You may not have to use it for months at a time....but that one time when you're WAAAAY out there and get stuck, it feels so good to reach down, pull that lever and feel your rig start to move. Like has been posted....would NEVER have a truck without it.

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    David & Diana
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    We live in the snow belt of NY and have only had a two wheel drive, never been stuck in 40 years of driving. Use your head when you drive and you will probably have no problems. Check your insurance, it may have towing coverage.
    Good luck

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    Everything that has been said so far is true. I live in VA and we do not get snow very often so that is not a problem. I have been on wet grass and could not move forward or back with our truck, Dodge 4X2 with the Dodge posi-trac rear. If I had to purchase today I would opt for the 4X4 the fuel milage cannot be that big of difference.


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