1. W

    3300rlb outlet issues

    I bought the 2010 Sundance 3300rlb about 2 months ago. It was on its last leg but little by little I have transformed it into my permanent living place. Learning how to do everything to fix issues from here, YouTube, and Google. Now I'm stuck with an electrical outlet issue. My living room...
  2. A

    2010 Sundance 3300RLB rear slide issues

    hello! We recently(last wednesday) purchased a new to us Sundance. Our rear slide out metal track is catching the flooring and tearing it. I noticed there are what looks like adjustment brackets on the outside of the slide. Can we adjust the slide this way? Also, do we adjust it with the slide...
  3. R

    Sundance 3300RLB or Cougar 324RLB

    We are looking at both and would like your opinions on build quality. I will be towing with a Dodge MC 3500 SRW 4X4. Is the 1/2 bath a plus for a family of 4 on the Cougar? Anyone have regrets getting a loft? Is a 40 gal black water tank big enough on the Sundance?
  4. S

    3300rlb wet carpet (leak)

    We have a new 2010 Sundance. The carpet at the kitchen table slide has gotten wet during very heavy rains. Once the slide is moved to the outward position, the carpet that becomes exposed is wet. Any ideas on a fix?
  5. T

    3300RLB front steps

    2010 3300RLB. how are the front steps that go up to the bedroom attached/secured? i need access under the steps for a project i am doing.
  6. rmchad

    Sundance 3300RLB (Loft) Bed Sizes?

    I am trying to find the sizes of sheets that work well for the (1) loft bed, (2) sofa air-bed, and (3) "queen" bed in the Sundance 3300RLB (the model with the loft in the back). I have not picked up the unit yet but while I am doing that my wife is shopping for items we need. If you know the...
  7. C

    Sundance 2011 Model Year Changes

    Does anyone know of the changes in the new 2011 Sundance 2900MK model?? I am having difficulty locating a 2011 brochure.
  8. H

    Sundance 3300RLB

    We looked at a Sundance 3300RLB over the weekend, really nice layout and the finish was execllent. We were however diapponited with the headroom heigh in the front bedroom. Also the shower in the bathroom seemed a little low also. How do cuurent owners like theirs?
  9. S

    3300rlb, which one is which?

    We have an '09 3300rlb. We will have to dump just a gray tank. Does anyone know how to tell which gray tank is which?
  10. rmchad

    3300 RLB 2009 or 2010 model year

    Hi Everyone -- I am new to the forum and rather new to considering a Heartland Sundance. I was very close to purchasing a Titanium with a loft, but the lower price and what looks like reasonable build quality of the Sundance is appealing. Plus, the RLB floorplan would work well for our family...
  11. H

    Help 2010 Sundance 3300RLB slide stopped working!

    Hi all, Yesterday while packing up our unit I went to put the living room slide in and it would not come in. The motor made a whining noise but the slide would not engage and come in. It appears to be getting power because the electric motor is whining. Any thoughts or help is greatly...
  12. T

    3300rlb on it's way!

    ordered it last week. comes off the line today. delivery on the 27th. we can't wait!
  13. laffman

    First trip with 3300RLB

    Opened the camper this weekend for the beginning of our season at Silver Lake, MI. We absolutely loved the Sundance. Only a couple issues, which I resolved. The connections to the water heater were loose and the bottom of the shower glass needed to be re-caulked. It leaked all over the bathroom...
  14. N

    Sundance 3300RLB Tow Vehicle Question

    I have a customer looking to upgrade from his Cougar to a 09 Sundance 3300RLB. He is also in the market for a new truck. He is interested in your opinions on trucks to purchase. He is looking at getting a Ford F250 Super Duty Diesel. I assured him that it was plenty of truck to handle the...
  15. T

    3300rlb generator?

    i am preparing to purchase a 3300rlb this spring, and have some question about installation of a generator. i have taken measurements of the front compartment and have found that the choices of generators that will fit are very limited. The front compartment deck height is lower than the deck...
  16. M

    3300RLB Thoughts & Pricing

    We're thinking about the 3300RLB as our first trailer. Had our mind set on a Jayco 32bhds but I really like this loft option better in the Sundance. Any thoughts on this model vs. another? Also, what prices have others paid or what is a fair price now given that the used market is very tough...
  17. laffman

    3300RLB got delivered

    Our new Sundance 3300RLB was delivered yesterday to our seasonal site at Silver Lake, MI. PDI went good, a few problems, all minor, which the dealer took care of. Once we got it level on the site, I was just amazed at the effectiveness of the JT Strong Arms. I would recommend these to everyone...
  18. laffman

    Just bought a 3300RLB

    Pulled the trigger a few hours ago at the RV show on a new 3300RLB, the new loft model. This FW had everything I was looking for. I really hadn't heard of Sundance and was looking at the Wildcat 30LOFT model. Then saw this one and just loved it. Can wait to use it next summer.
  19. AS7074

    Wood, Aluminum structure on 3300RLB

    We were shopping around today yet again sorta as a are you sure measure. The question was to make sure we knew what type of structure. Was Heartland using a aluminum frame or did it actually have a aluminum skeleton because of it legnth. Told to stay away from pressed walls unless going with a...
  20. AS7074

    Looking to purchase 3300RLB

    We are currently looking to purchase the 3300RLB. We have looked high and low and stumbled on this Sundance. My biggest concern with this unit has been the plumbing. On more that one occasion we have been told that when you pull the lever to dump the tanks it floods the belly. Which both cases...