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  1. S

    I want to add a 2nd air conditioner to a 2009 Sundance

    I want to add a 2nd air conditioner to a 2009 Sundance 287RL XLT. I want to know if anybody has a picture,diagram or a blue print of the roof truss locations. I dropped the front air vent down and it is boxed with aluminum square tubing. I don't see any support for it. It looks to be only...
  2. E

    2013 Big Country 3650RL front AC shut off

    My front bedroom Dometic AC unit (no wall thermostat) just stopped working. I checked the circuit breaker in the rig with my volt meter and I am getting 120v. I have not gone up on the roof yet. Thoughts? Capacitor? It was running cold on the max setting when it quit. Can the freez up and...
  3. S

    Bad leak in 2017 Heartland Pioneer 280RK

    Background: I recently bought a 2017 Pioneer 280RK. Loved the floor plan and how nice the interiors look, got a good price on it as it is aluminum sided and I prefer that over fiberglass and cardboard for something I'm going to keep. A few years back I had lived in an 2006 Coachmen 996BH for 4...
  4. C

    A/C fan toggling between HI/LO/OFF when thermostat set on AUTO

    My A/C fan toggles between HI, LO, and off when the thermostat is set to auto. It will run high speed on the fan for a bit, then switch to low speed, then turn off (like it should once the desired temp is reached) all within a minute. The A/C will stay off until the temp is above the setting...
  5. T

    Dometic Single Zone Standard Thermostat Problems

    I purchased a 2018 Heartland Fuel 352 Toy Hauler. It has 2 of the Dometic Single Zone Thermostats. These things are absolutely horrible and I have no idea why Heartland has installed them in their homes. Both of them have a hard time seeing the display. You can only see it once you touch it...
  6. S

    2018 Resolution to Older Dometic Penguin I A/C Noise Issue

    When researching how to best address excessive A/C operating noise in our recently acquired travel trailer, I found older posts (like "Edge Air Conditioner Question") that were helpful and pointed us in the right direction. I'd like to share our experience so others may benefit from it. We...
  7. B

    3rd A/C unit

    My wife Stacey and I have been living full-time in our 2017 LM Charleston for about a year now. We have finally come back to the south and the tremendous heat and humidity. While inspecting our roof I noticed our 3rd roof A/C (located at the back) isn't even coming on. The middle one is keeping...
  8. Wgmurray65

    Replacement Dometic A/C installation issues

    Our 15K Dometic A/C died on our 2014 Landmark. Ordered replacement from PPL and told only one direct replacement option as my unit has been discontinued. Received unit (Dometic Brisk 2) that was smaller and lighter. New unit does not have an integrated control board. Talked to Dometic to order...
  9. S

    Rear AC blowing 15A fuse; Fuse panel light lit

    Fuse #8 in our fuse panel blows whenever I try to put in a new 15A fuse. The associated fuse light is on permanently. AFAIK, that circuit includes a handful of lights, the main AC and the propane gas detector. I removed bulbs, disconnected the propane gas detector and the AC/Furnace controller...
  10. redharleymn

    Air Conditioner condensation

    We seem to get allot of condensation from our air conditioner on our 2014 Torque 321. Is this normal or what do I need to do?
  11. Jess

    Leaky Rear AC

    Hello! I'm the owner of a new Gateway 3750 and when I leave the rear A/C running it sometimes drips some water on the bed below. A few drops of water also collect on the main cold air vent--enough to make my hand wet when I run it over the vent. The front bedroom AC does not do this. We had...
  12. B

    2006 Bighorn AC Remote Replacement

    Is there any way to get rid of the remote and put in a wall thermostat without having to replace the air conditioner as well? My remote/receiver quit this morning.:mad: Thanks
  13. ericandalice

    Odd Water Color Coming from Air Conditioning

    I've noticed in the last few days that the color of the water coming from the air conditioning looks rust colored. See attached pic. Seemed odd that it would rust in such a short time. We are under trees so perhaps this is caused by organic debris on the roof and the air conditioning water is...
  14. L

    One, (1) Uno, AC vent in bedroom?

    One, (1), Uno, as in the loneliest number. One 6" vent in the corner of the bedroom?!? Not a happy wife!! We just purchased a new 2014 Landmark Key West. Overall, one of the best units we've ever owned. We loved the idea of two AC/whole coach returns and venting. They're quite and cool the...
  15. Erika

    Dometic CCC 2 Error Code E7

    We have 3 air conditioners, with the transfer switch that should zone them as either bdrm + front or front + garage. We just took delivery and set up for the first time this week. When I tried to turn the air on, nothing happened - thermostat was blank on all 3. I looked at the circuit...
  16. cruzer076

    Main AC Unit Not Cooling Enough.... Some options?

    Hey guys, I live in Texas and I just purchased this 2009 31qbs. I really like it. Today I got it plugged in and started testing the AC, it blew cool air but the unit never actually cooled down, I tried closing and opening ducts to see if it made a difference but not really. I had the unit on...
  17. J

    Starting to roast!

    Hello! Have an idea...please chime in. 2013 Cyclone 4100 King I came back to the RV one afternoon to discover that the only thing on the roof that works are the 12V lights. None of the air conditioners (now power at the controls either), fantastic vent, or pendulum lights over sink work...
  18. N

    Air conditioner low fan, high fan work, when auto is used it shuts down??

    When we turn the front air conditioner to "auto" it shuts down?? Ideas?
  19. C

    AC Filter on ducted AC in Heartland Key Largo

    In my previous 5th Wheel the AC units had a filter that I cleaned periodically. In my new Key Largo the AC is all ducted and the Unit themselves are not visible in either the living room or the bedroom. Where are the filters? How do I access them to clean them? Thanks, Dave
  20. T

    Penguin AC unit extremely loud on Edge M22

    Hello, I have a 2010 Edge M22 which we purchased new last summer (still on the lot with the 2011s) and is still under warranty. Overall we love the trailer, its size and features suit us perfectly. Our only complaint is the AC unit. It is very loud, especially in the rear of the trailer in...
  21. K


    Our new rig is currently in for service and has been there for almost 3 weeks. We picked it up the end of February. There is almost no air coming from the rear vent in the living room area - not enough to blow out a match. The local dealership called Heartland and their response was - that's...
  22. GETnBYE

    I need one of these, but I don't know what they are called.

    Photo removed. Got my answer. Thanks It is on the air conditioner in the living room, somehow it got lost in all the adventures last year. It is some sort of pin or cover for the skrews.
  23. RVFun4Us

    Air Conditioner Issues

    Currently in Central Oregon in mid-90 degree day temperatures. Our lone air conditioner is not doing well during the hot part of the day. Fact is that it seems to be running at a very low speed from about 1-7 pm, again during the hot part of the day. At other times, it runs perfectly normal...
  24. L

    2nd Air Conditioner for Bedroom

    Anyone have good ideas for the bedroom A/C as we are looking for a low profile one that will cool us off in the summer. Last summer without one we relied luckily on a oscillating fan that somewhat cooled us off, but this summer we are heading out for a 51 day trip and while in Calistoga Wine...