1. P

    Floor rot - confirming source of water?

    I have a NorthTrail Caliber 26LRSS that we bought new 4 years ago. While camping this weekend - first time out this year - I felt the dreaded 'squishy floor' in the front storage compartment. The floor damage extended back toward the bedroom door. The worst spot is directly below the place on...
  2. M

    Newbie Mistake

    First time camper owner here. My wife and I bought a 2020 Mallard M32 Last weekend. I borrowed a friends truck to get it home because mine is in the shop being fitted for towing the camper. I have towed trailers before but never one this large. I drove the hour and a half home with the trailer...
  3. J

    Towmax tire failure insurance claim

    Has anyone had any luck getting money out of Dynamics of Ontario, Canada for body damage caused by Towmax tires? I contacted API about my latest tire failure and Olga asked if there was any body damage. I said yes and she said she would forward the report to Dynamic Tire Corporation of Canada. I...
  4. S

    Oh Hail!

    Does anyone have pictures of roof damage from hail? We got hit last night here near San Antonio. I've found dents in the roof of my truck; somehow seems my hood escaped damage. We crawled around the roof the the RV and don't see any obvious dents or tears. But with the way some of the hits...
  5. L

    Lippert Warranty Doesn't Care about safety!

    Last summer I had a serious leaf spring breakage in Oregon. Lippert replaced them with 3 leaf springs, the same kind that broke, and I only lost 2 days on the road. Unfortunately, Lippert only reimbursed me $65 for a brand new Goodyear 614 $315 dollar tire, and told me they don't warranty...
  6. trvlrerik

    Front cap damage

    While cleaning up trailer I have located some damage to my nose cap. There is a gouge in the fiberglass and the door side front wrap around decal is torn. It is located on the leading edge of the nose cone in a black area of the decal, and my eyesight could not see it from any distance. I did...
  7. trvlrerik

    Vent Cover Damage

    I have been blessed by the midwest thunderstorms and hail (3 times). The only damage suffered each time was the manual roof vent covers. The fantastic fan vent cover, a/c covers and satilite dish have never been touched by the hail. I have replaced the originals with dark shaded the first time...
  8. Midastouch

    My Flooding/Water Damage UPDATE

    Well ... It will be 4 weeks tomorrow (10th of June) that my Grand Canyon flooded and although I have not gotten a FINAL settlement yet .... the independant adjuster, with the help of my wonderful dealer (Butch and Karen from RV's for Less) have supplied the insurance company with all the...
  9. L

    Hail damage

    for those in the austin area you may already know about the storm here. My trailer was damaged or atleast the vent covers were damaged. Its going to take the heartland dealer in Georgetown 14 to 15 weeks for repair. I need the trailer ASAP, Are these repair hard to do? Can an average job to...
  10. B

    Sheet metal damage

    Opened the slide out on top of a low utility trailer in storage, learned the lesson about always checking for clearance first. The damage is limited to a sheet metal section just behind the white plastic fender. It appears all that is needed is to drill out some rivets and replace the small...
  11. G

    Slide-out damage to floor

    I have a new 2009 3600RL. The kitchen slideout is making an imprint on the linoleum. I am wondering if this is a common problem or if I could have something adjusted to overcome this. I am worried that if I put a mat down to protect the floor, it may get caught in the slideout.