1. Q

    DOMETIC, Model:DM2652LBX

  2. Jbevolves

    Dometic Tstat issues start with E1, then E5 now what seems to be low voltage to tstats (both)

    Hello All, My first post, although I have been reading the forum since my purchase in 2020 of my 2017 Landmark 365 Madison. Thanks to everyone who shares and contributes. I began this trip down the rabbit hole with a simple E1 error in my front HVAC unit which controls the furnace. I tried...
  3. G

    AC Thermostat and control board upgrade

    Hello, I currently have a 2019 Heartland Prowler Lynx 25LX with a Dometic B57915.XX1J0 non-ducted rooftop AC installed. I also have a standard "heat only" furnace/thermostat (see picture). I have been doing some extensive research and I would like to install a "digital" thermostat so that...
  4. T

    Slide toppers for Bighorn Traveler

    Hi, Anyone out there know the following: If there is already a slide through bracket for slide toppers on Bighorn Travelers? How well the Dometic Slide Toppers work on the Bighorn Traveler? Thanks,
  5. E

    2013 Big Country 3650RL front AC shut off

    My front bedroom Dometic AC unit (no wall thermostat) just stopped working. I checked the circuit breaker in the rig with my volt meter and I am getting 120v. I have not gone up on the roof yet. Thoughts? Capacitor? It was running cold on the max setting when it quit. Can the freez up and...
  6. W

    New Furnace Issue

    Hello. I have a 2017 Mallard M33, dometic touch thermostat, and i would assume a dometic furnace (although it was not marked as such). Last night i wanted to test the furnace prior to our upcoming camping trip as we have never used the heat before. Connected to good power with 2 full bottles...
  7. R

    Dometic Penguin II Duotherm not Cooling

    The bedroom AC in my 415RW isn't cooling. It's a non-ducted unit directly above the bed. When I turn it on the fan blows and I can hear the compressor kick on and stay on, but there's no change in the air temperature. My first thought is it's low on refrigerant, but of course there's no...
  8. T

    Dometic Single Zone Standard Thermostat Problems

    I purchased a 2018 Heartland Fuel 352 Toy Hauler. It has 2 of the Dometic Single Zone Thermostats. These things are absolutely horrible and I have no idea why Heartland has installed them in their homes. Both of them have a hard time seeing the display. You can only see it once you touch it...
  9. gslabbert5119

    Air not turning off in Bedroom

    I have a Dometic Single Zone LCD Thermostat in my living area and another in my bedroom. The problem is with the bedroom, the air kicks on and the compressor is running as well as the fan and it is pumping cold air but the aircon does not switch off automatically, I have to do it manually, which...
  10. Diggievitt

    NEW electrical element NOT working

    Dometic RM 2652 the refrigerator was working fine on electric, then it suddenly quit working. I narrowed down the culprit to the electrical element. The old one was full of rust so I installed the new one and it wasn’t heating the flume. I even tried interchanging the wires that went to the...
  11. Wgmurray65

    Replacement Dometic A/C installation issues

    Our 15K Dometic A/C died on our 2014 Landmark. Ordered replacement from PPL and told only one direct replacement option as my unit has been discontinued. Received unit (Dometic Brisk 2) that was smaller and lighter. New unit does not have an integrated control board. Talked to Dometic to order...
  12. E

    Dometic Brisk 2 or Penguin 2

    2010 Heartland Sundance 3000rk and wanting to add an ac to the bedroom. This Texas heat is too much for 1 15000 btu ac. Camping World said they can install an ac in the bedroom 13,500 btu with its own power source non ducted unit. The units they have are the penguin 2 or Brisk 2, which one do...
  13. T

    Nest Thermostat Replacing Dometic, Possible?

    Hi All! My Wife and I are new Full Timers! We purchased a Big Country 4010RD and are so far loving it (Since 9/17/2015). I own a Nest Thermostat from my old house and was wondering if it was possible to switch the Dometic Thermostat for it. I checked the wires and it looks like it should, but...
  14. S

    Refrigerator Performance and Maintenance

    Hello! We have been in our 2008 Bighorn 3670RL full-time now for about 10 days. In South Texas with hot days, we noticed the fridge seemed warm. I placed a freezer thermometer in and noticed we were hitting temps near 50 in the fridge (A Dometic DM2862). So I started Googling. 1) I removed the...
  15. L

    Dometic thermostat issues

    We are currently having AC issues with our newly purchased 2015 Heartland Sundance 2880RLT fifth wheel. We purchased the unit in June and have been using the unit extensively since then. We are parked in a full sun lot most days. During the day we have had no problems with the AC keeping up...
  16. P

    Domestic Vinyl Awning

    The awning on our Bighorn is a visual mess. It has been this way since a few months after it was new. It gets mildewed easily. We would take great pains to put it up dry, but next time it was opened, water would come out and it was stained. We have tried multiple products to clean it...
  17. DirtyMax88

    Dometic CCC2 Thermostat controls

    Good Afternoon everyone, We are not familiar with the Dometic CCC2 thermostat controls in our Landmark Newport and were hoping that someone was. It seemed pretty simple and straight forward as far as trying to operate the ac/furnace/auto/fan. Just turn it on and set the temps. We have the a/c...
  18. Erika

    Dometic CCC 2 Error Code E7

    We have 3 air conditioners, with the transfer switch that should zone them as either bdrm + front or front + garage. We just took delivery and set up for the first time this week. When I tried to turn the air on, nothing happened - thermostat was blank on all 3. I looked at the circuit...
  19. E

    Replaced Penguin I with Brisk II - review

    I replaced the 11,000 BTU Penguin I with a 13,500 BTU Brisk II on my 2011 Heartland Edge a few weeks ago. I was able to sell the Penguin I for $ 300 so my net cost of the DIY upgrade was under $ 400. Both were non-ducted and I use the standard Dometic Air Box with both. Both were installed...
  20. D

    Worn Out Hose/tube in Back of my Dometic Refridge??

    Hi there, Purchased a used NorthTrail 2009 28BH TT and loving it! First off the Fridge is working great, but see something on the backside of the unit that has me scratcIhing my head. I opened the access panel on the outside of the unit and noticed some broken tube pieces....I then inspected...
  21. R

    Did I get a lemon?

    My wife and I bought a 2013 37 Ultimate and have been staying in it just over two weeks. So far here's what's gone wrong: Faulty GFI knocked out seven outlets Bad cable cord faulty landing gear motor two blown remote fuses ac condensation inside rv with sewer smell coming from ac without any...
  22. mobilequeen

    Help with my Dometic 2620

    Hi everybody! This is my first post. I have a Dometic 2620 refrigerator in my RV. The light on the right that controls the temperature works fine. The auto/gas light is not working at all. The freezer isn't working and I don't think the refrigerator is working either, although the inside light...
  23. R

    Dometic awning on my new prowler shadow identification

    Hi All, I'm trying to get a problem addressed with my new 5th wheel 27PRLS. Here is the info I do have on the awning. MFG DOMETIC MFG# 916GP15.001B MFG/PNC 958469713 SN 04896443 SKU 9108675055 The problem is that when the awning is...
  24. SmokeyBare

    Dometic Fridge cooling unit replacement

    After doing a fairly good search on the Forum I've not found any posts covering this subject. I noticed the fridge not keeping the freezer quite as cold as it always had done before. Thinking I should defrost the frost build up (Making Ice with Ice Cube trays does increase frost in the...
  25. B

    Dometic Fridg thoughts

    A couple thoughts come to mind that I would like to share after defrosting the fridg a couple days ago. 1- The fridge is the model RM 3962, what does everyone keep the temp at ?? I have kept mine on setting 4 and the the digital readout says its 36 degrees. I know this temp will vary...
  26. P

    dometic refer

    I have a 2010 big country 2950rk water drips from the fins on the inside of the refer. Tends to drip on other product in the refer. Why does it do this and how do I correct it? It on setting four It is a dometic refer
  27. E

    dometic frig

    We have a 2008 Sundance 3200ES with a dometic frig. Noticed today that there is a fine hairline crack on wall inside of frig. Will this affect operation of frig in future - seems to be working ok right at this moment. Wondering if this can be fixed by applying a fine coating of silicone...
  28. K

    RM3962 Dometic Refrig - not working

    We have been having issues with our Dometic refrigerator. To the service dealer 3x with no fix. The temperature goes from great cold to what it is now 6.0 or more. We have used the troubleshooting check, checked the power sources (battery at both ends is fine). Need any ideas. Thanks Kathy...
  29. A

    defrosting dometic refer--tips?

    Hi everyone, We need to defrost our refer and wondering if there are any tips out there we should be aware of. We were planning to shut it down and use rags to catch water in the freezer compartment and then wipe everthing down before we put it back in---right process?? Any shortcuts/tips are...
  30. mrcomer

    Ice bucket for Dometic 4 door refer

    Hey there, I am looking for a deal on an ice bucket for the Dometic RM1350 4 door refer. The part number is 3851118012. If anybody out there happens to have one they want to get rid of please let me know. Thank you, Mark
  31. T

    Dometic or AirV????

    Hi: At our local dealer on the weekend I noticed that the just in 31 BDSS had a Carrier AirV in it and not the usual Dometic. Does one have a choice now of which brand of AC unit they get installed when ordering? Is either the Dometic or Carrier better then the other? Thanks Ross
  32. 2010augusta

    Dometic slide out refrigerator issues make it into Highways Magazine

    Well for those of us with refers in a slide out and can keep them cool in the heat of the summer. The November/December issue of Highways Magazine addressed the issue, and they even suggest the same thing that has been mentioned on the forum, hot wiring the fans to run 24/7. the real isses is a...
  33. T

    Dometic Refrigerator Questions

    Does the gas have to be on and the pilot light lit for my frig to work in automatic mode? If the gas is on and the pilot lit, is it feeding off the electric if the shoreline is plugged in?
  34. porthole

    Dometic refrigerator accessories

    Do the Dometic refrigerators no longer come with all the accessories? This is our 3rd Dometic and the first to have only one door shelf in the freezer, also no ice bucket or ice trays. In the fridge section the "open" area on the 2nd from top shelf does not have the filler plate, one door...
  35. B

    service contract from Dometic

    just got in the mail a service contract offer from Dometic, just want to get the general consensis on this. As a rule, I generally don't buy service contracts, but was wondering what everyone thinks of this. Refrigerator 1year $73, 3 year $189 Air Conditioner 1year $49, and a 3 year for $130...
  36. R

    Dometic Fridge no longer cooler in Fridge compartment only

    I have been full timing for 2.5 years have a 3500 Big Horn very little trouble. I live in Texas where it is HOT, My dometic for first time is not keeping food in Fridge at acceptable tempertures. The freezer is fine everything is staying frozen there. I don't understand why air from freezer is...
  37. T

    Strange Dometic problems

    Finally got our new 2998 RB out. As we have not had the Dometic unit on for about a month( turn to off due to warranty work on other items). We packed up for a short trip. I didn't have shore power so I put it on Auto and the propane kicked on while we drove to our location. After an hour or so...
  38. StevieWonder

    HELP ... Dometic unit ... freezer OK but fridge won't cool

    Went out to prep up for the first trip of the year and turned on the fridge/freezer to pre-cool it before loading up the food and .... surprise ... freezer gets cold but fridge part is still at ambient temperature after 5 hrs on AC power. Dometic unit, one control with "slider" temperature...
  39. F

    Dometic Refrigerator

    Hey Jim B, It's been a while since I've been on the site, it's good still seeing your name here, I've glanced through the forums and not seen an anwser to a question I posed to Heartland. The recalled Dometic refrigerator in our Heartland Landmark failed due to a boiler tube crack, I and the...
  40. V

    Dometic Recall

    Question: Can the factory confirm that the Dometic recall/repair was performed at the factory prior to delivery? I took my '07 unit in to a large service center and was told the work was done at the factory. I called Dometic to confirm and was informed that they do not maintain records to...