1. crwdavis

    New Cyclone 4115 Floor Leveling Issue?

    Good evening all, Just took delivery of our new 4115, and after 5 nights in it we are having a heck of a time leveling the RV. Today I realized that the bedroom floor, bathroom floor, upper stair hallway to the bedroom and the main floor are all out of plumb with one another. Tomorrow I will...
  2. P

    Floor rot - confirming source of water?

    I have a NorthTrail Caliber 26LRSS that we bought new 4 years ago. While camping this weekend - first time out this year - I felt the dreaded 'squishy floor' in the front storage compartment. The floor damage extended back toward the bedroom door. The worst spot is directly below the place on...
  3. M

    2012 MPG (19’ pull behind) floor repair (is this a bonded floor?)

    Hi Campers! We have a 2012 MPG pull behind trailer with two floor issues (spongy/yukky spots). We’re trying to find someone to fix it for less than the cost of a new camper (hah). Does anyone know if this model has a ‘bonded floor’? Every repair person is asking. We’ve already addressed the...
  4. W

    Bedroom Slide Construction

    I have a 2013 Cyclone 4100 and the bedroom slideout leaked, as best I can tell, at the exterior trim molding on the sides at the floor. Not convinced that's the only place its leaking. Whether absorbed from the edges or somehow finding a path between the plastic skin and the bottom of the...
  5. R

    '08 Cyclone 4012 What does slide "slide" on?

    Hello. I have an 08 cyclone 4012. The dinette slide (curb side) has given us some trouble with gouging the floor. We use those removable slide strips to keep from gouging the new floor. I have looked at the thread... https://heartlandowners.org/archive/index.php/t-34461.html? ... that...
  6. cruzer076

    New Bunkroom Floor - 31QBS

    So in my 31qbs, there was some water damage in the bunk area. I got a quote to get it fixed it was around $500... so I decided to try to tackle it myself (in 104 degree temps in Texas). In hindsight I would recommend to anyone, wait until the evening but when I get focused on something, I have...
  7. K

    used 2009 Sundance 2900MK Silde tearing laminate

    We are considering purchasing a used 2009 Sundance 2900MK. We love everything about it and it seems well cared for. However, there are tears in the laminate that seem to result from the slide for the couch/dinette. Has anyone experienced this problem or have an explanation for it. We will have...
  8. B

    Road Warrior 405 first 4 months

    I purchased new 2011 Road Warrior 405 March 24, 2011. My wife and I love the layout of the camper. There is plenty of room for the whole family. One wife, two kids, a Great Dane, and a Mini Aussie. We like having four queen beds in camper for when we have extra overnight guests. The layout...
  9. lrmike

    Ramp door leak and water damage

    I discovered a major issue with my Sundance toyhauler this week and wanted to add a cross post here to see if I can get some constructive input. Heartland only produced 1 toyhauler in the Sundance line, the 330RC, and my issue is with the ramp door sealing. I've posted the topic in the...
  10. lrmike

    Water leak and now a major floor replacement?

    Last weekend we took the 5vr (2009 Sundance 3300RC) out for the first time this year and had a very unpleasant surprise. Our daughter and her friend were using the bunks in the garage and when we were packing up found that the leg of the fold down bunk had pierced through the floor! The wood...
  11. bigbird272

    Floor Not Level in Bighorn 3580

    I posted this same question awhile ago and absolutely no response from anyone in the factory? I thought this site was monitored by the factory? I have a new 3580 Bighorn. The trailer is siting on a pad level. The kitchen floor is not level. It is level from the entrance door to the built...
  12. S

    Slide floor separating from slide side wall!

    3 days after sitting in my driveway loading it, noted the SLIDE FLOOR was separating from the SLIDE WALL when retracted! Ouch. You can see the aluminum U channel still attached to the slide floor with the wall lifting up over an inch or more! Dealer took it in to fix since it came with a 30 day...
  13. bigbird272

    Bighorn 3580 floor

    I have a 2009 Bighorn which I bought new just 2 weeks ago. I have noticed that the kitchen floor is not level. It is level from the door to the built in island then gently slopes down towards the kitchen/entertainment slide. Is this normal? Can someone from the factory advise. The slides...
  14. bigbird272

    Floor in Bighorn 3580 not level?

    I am not sure if this is normal or not? I have a new 2009 Bighorn 3580. From the entry door to the built in island is level. Then if begins to slope down towards the kitchen slide. This maybe on purpose in order to allow for the kitchen/ entertainment slide to come in easier but I don't...
  15. N

    Any New Floor Plans?

    Just wondering if there were going to be any new floor plans for the 2011 Big Horn? :)
  16. fjspinelli

    Slide Floor De-lamination

    Over the past couple of months I have noticed a "wavy" appearance to the bottom of our large living room slide. I thought nothing of it as we have been too busy to go camping and did not have time to take a closer look. I discovered that the plywood that makes up the bottom of our slide is...
  17. Niles

    3670 Kitchen Floor showing hump

    We are noticing a hump in our kitchen floor it is in between the stove and the sink. It runs the entire length of the side. When we were looking, we saw one with the same problem new on the lot. Dealer said you guys had it brought back to the factory and fixed. Ours is not that unit, but is...
  18. Dave

    Spongy Floor

    We have a 2009 Sundance 3300SK which was purchased in August 2008. We have livied in it since April 2009 while I work in Virginia. About July we noticed the bathroom floor is spongy and the floor leading out of the bathroom and into the hallway is starting to get spongy. My question is, is it...
  19. W

    Need help - leak behind universal docking center

    Hi, I woke up this morning to find our basement floor covered in water and everything we had stored there soaked. We have a leak behind our universal docking center, and we are nowhere near any RV dealer. I took the wall off and one of the cheap plastic (why Heartland, WHY??? I would have...
  20. imchud

    New floor

    I had the kitchen and bathroom floor on my 3385 B/H replaced with the new armstrong Lam floor:D I will get some better pic's to post soon....
  21. B

    Lino in the kitchen floor

    We are on the road headed for the Pacific Northwest while in the kitchen Sharon noticed a lump under the lino. It is near the base of the cabinet and feels like a nail or screw head. Do you have good suggestion on how to set the nail or screw without putting a hole in the lino? Thanks, Butch
  22. A

    Floor Construction

    I need to bring a coax cable into the living area. The coax is for amateur radio work so the "The Plan" is to avoid areas that would add extra RFI problems. The best place seems to be routing the line through the floor and then sending the cable alongside the back ladder. Anyway, the question...
  23. C

    2800RB Floor Squeak

    I have a 2008 2800RB bumper pull. When I enter the camper and walk to the kitchen sink the floor squeaks. I thought it was the cabinet the sink is in being loose to the floor. I think it is the floor itself. How do you fix that. I can get under the sink. Do the floor joints runn lengthwise or...
  24. Campdmg

    Bedroom Floor "Dip"

    In our 2009 3670RL Big Horn, the floor in the bedroom, just outside the closet seems to have taken a "dip". Has anyone else experienced this? I don't want to fall through it.... The dealer came and looked at it when fixing a couple of other minor things, and said that it wasn't a problem and...
  25. Z

    Wet floor near shower from full holding tank - why?

    What can be the problem? The DW took a shower and said that the water was not draining very fast. I just happened to be by the front door, so I checked the holding tank levels. Sure enough The rear holding tank was full. I took a step forward and having bare feet felt that the carpet was wet by...
  26. bigdob24

    3300 RCB New Floor Plan

    I have a 3300 RCB ordered and have two questions. I understand that the floor plan on the Heartland site does not show the new side isle bathroom that will be installed on my coach. When can we see this new feature on the web sight ? How many 12 volt receptacles are in this model, and where...
  27. J

    Bedroom Floor Extension & Storage Space

    in the bedroom of our 2009 sundance 3300sk it was quite a high step onto the bed so we added a storage box that extends and raises the level of the floor. it does not block the bed slide. ;)
  28. C

    Floor separating

    Hello Heartland, I was just out preparing for my first trip of the year and discovered a problem. The floor between the foot of the bed and the drawers at about the middle of the bed has raised. I would say 1/2 to 1 inch, it is hard to tell through the carpet. It is very spongy feeling and you...
  29. W

    Rear floor vent in 3055RL non-functional

    Hi everyone, On our last couple of trips, we have noticed that absolutely no air blows out of the rear-most floor vent in our 2009 3055RL. This is the vent that's in front of and between the two recliners. Is this some sort of a cold-air return? Or should we have air flow out of here as well as...
  30. J

    Is the 3370 floor plan discontinued?

    Waz up? Don't see it on the site?
  31. G

    Slide floor height

    Hello, When my slide is in, on the inside of the rig, there is a 1-1 1/2" gap in the leading edge of the slide (higher) than the rest of the flooring in the rig. For example, you have to step up on the slide if you want to sit in the dinette. If you stand on it, it seems to give a little. So...
  32. T

    Vinyl floor lifting with air bubble

    We just bought the Heartland North Trail 21' and went on our first trip. We got off the highway to use the bathroom and noticed the whole vinyl floor had lifted and a huge air bubble was underneath. The edges remained glued. When we got to the campground and got situated the floor was back down...
  33. G

    Kitchen Floor

    Since October 2007, our kitchen floor creaks next to the cabinet. Last April (2008) the Heartland Service Center in Elkhart worked on the floor but the creaking still happens. Just recently, away from the cabinet on the lino area, we are getting a loud thump. It then seems to float as we...
  34. N

    big horn floor decking

    I am new to rving and like the heartland big country the only concern i have is the OSB style floor decking. Has anyone had any problems with it getting soft from water leaks. All info is needed like i said i am new to the rving world and can't wait to go camping in my own unit instead of with...
  35. cj11302000

    Furnace making floor hot

    We have a 2009 Sundance 2997 BHS and we just love it. We recently went "winter camping" at the ocean here in Washington State and it was pretty cold. We ran the furnace a lot to keep the trailer warm. We noticed our friends dog kept laying on a spot on the floor in front of the fridge. We...
  36. alaska dodge

    Kitchen and Bathroom floor cracking

    Has anyone had any issues with the vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom cracking and spidered out like a car windshield? I dropped mine off at a RV shop to get the heater worked on and they called me and told me that my floor had exploded; they told me that this is normal because the factory...
  37. caokgafamily

    New Heartland Floor Plans...

    I think Heartland could take it to the next level if they could come up with some new innovative floor plans. Something out of the box, yes there are already some great plans and how much can you sqeeze in something 8'x36'? As a homebuilder I spend alot of time trying to come up with or use...
  38. boxcar1511

    bottle jack/ floor jack

    This week I passed a rv on the shoulder with a flat tire. This got my brain rolling I've forgotten all about a jack for road side problems. Does anyone have any thoughts on a jack for our Cyclone 4012,before I purchase the wrong jack , any tips or exp. would be a great help....
  39. J

    Vinyl floor seam sealer

    I have a few cuts in my vinyl flooring that need to be sealed. Right now the cuts are nice and straight (like from a razor knife :confused:) and clean. Do I need to use a certain brand of seam sealer or can I just pick up "whatever" brand at my local home store? Thank you,
  40. B

    unidentified water drain through floor

    I am looking under our 09 Augusta and there is a 1/2 inch drain hose protruding through the floor in front of the entry steps and aligned under the hallway near the door to the bathroom. I cannot determine where this water drain line originates or what purpose it serves. Does anyone know the...