1. B

    Pioneer 270bh Awning lights

    New to the forum, Just bought a 2018 Pioneer 270bh. I'm having trouble with the in LED roller awning light. My question is where is the controller located? In the roller? The Salem I had before had it in the wall behind the blank plate.
  2. C

    Solera (ICL) Led Awning lights.

    Hello to all. Thanks for taking a look at my issue and I hope someone can help me. My LEDs on my awning do not work. When powered on they flicker once and that's it. I have a remote for them and this does nothing. There's many postings on here about the same issue but other than that there's...
  3. T

    Bedroom Reading lamp fuse

    I have a 2016 Big Country 3800 FL. A while back I replaced the bedroom reading lamps with LED versions. A while after, one of them failed, then the other. The bulb was still good (swapped while the other outlet was still working). I took it to a dealer for some other repairs and had them look...
  4. D

    2015 Bighorn Replacing Awning LED Strip Lighting Kit

    HELP.... I just ordered a 75.00 awning replacement strip to go into the rail under my awning of my 2015 Bighorn. The old one has been dying since it was around 11 months old; but, it is now out of warranty... My problem is this: I can not figure out where the old one plugs in???? I have no...
  5. C

    2016 BC 4010RD Awning Led Strip

    Just took our 4010 out for the first time last weekend. Have to say it is a awesome rig! We did have one problem, the awning LED strip would not turn on. We contacted Heartland for help and they sent us the guide to the awning which was not any help. Has anyone else had this problem? Any help...
  6. B

    Mallard M28 Mods

    We are doing more to our camper all the time to "make it ours". One thing that bothered us from the start is how the bed is seemingly pushed up into a cave with the way the cabinets are on the sides and top. The air doesn't circulate where our heads lie down and we are used to a ceiling fan...
  7. jmccartie

    Replace lights in 2013 Elkridge with LED?

    We just purchased a 2013 Elkridge E30 and I'm looking to swap out all the interior bulbs for LED's. I popped one of the lights out today, but the markings are smudged off. Anybody know what kind of bulb this is? Also, anybody know if I can swap this out for an LED without replacing the...
  8. RVFun4Us

    LED lighting

    I believe all of the new Heartland RVs now come with LED lighting. I was wondering whether I could replace the bulbs in my 3055 with LED bulbs or would I have to get the entire unit (base and bulb)?
  9. zigzag3337

    Added New Awning LEDs

    Since we bought our 3950, it has driven me crazy that I couldn't reach the awnings to hang our lights on it. So.......I came up with this... I bought a set like this off of E bay. It came with two 16' reels, which is great as I have a 12' awning and a 20' awning. I ended up shortening one...
  10. rick_debbie_gallant

    Most excellent battery operated, motion sensing, automatic led light!

    http://menards.com/main/lighting-fans/indoor-lights/accent-lights/motion-sensor-light/p-1468695-c-7490.htm We have several of these located around our fifth wheel. Not only are they motion sensing and automatic and run on batteries, but they can just be snatched off the wall, etc and used as a...
  11. Swanny59

    Stove hood light

    :( The 194 type bulb that came with the stove hood burned a hole through the light cover. To remedy this problem I ordered a LED replacement bulb and installed it using velcro. It has 36 led bulbs on a board that is approximately 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" . Now I need to find a replacement bulb cover. It...
  12. J

    Question on light bulbs on North Country

    I just ordered a North County 27bhs, I am wondering what type of 12V bulbs heartland uses? I am looking to upgrade to LED bulbs and need to know the bulb style. Thanks
  13. D

    generator switch ,led light stays on

    the light on the switch stays on , and power to the electric choke is on all the time, making it hard to start. If I manually choke it , it starts good. Does anyone know what I need to replace?
  14. Bob&Patty

    Fridge & led light

    Today was our lucky day. We have been looking to buy a small fridge to put where the washer/dryer would go. In todays paper was an ad for the same one at Target that Lowes has. Lowes $199.00.........Target $139.00. Same fridge...different name. Made in china I'm sure. We had to take somethings...
  15. C

    Suggestion for the factory - LED lighting package?

    Hi all, This is a suggestion for the Heartland factory folks. It seems like lots of RVers like to upgrade to interior LED lighting to save on battery draw. Most folks end up buying LED modules of questionable quality from a variety of online sites, and the results are mixed. It would be...