1. H

    2020 Heartland Mallard IDM26 wiring diagram

    Does anybody no where I can find a wiring diagram? I am installing a victron 3000 watt inverter charger and am having a hard time locating main 6 awg positive wire. Thank you for the help
  2. T

    New Mallard Owners

    Hello everyone... We are Duane and Jeannette Hume (collectively known as The Humes), and we are now the proud and excited owners of a 2021 Mallard M27. We're busy getting it more homey and dealing with the best leveling system, television mounting, and just internal
  3. D

    Tow Hitch for a Mallard M32

    Hi everyone, kind of a long shot but here goes... Was wondering if anyone had a newer Mallard M32, and what model hitch you used with it if anyone doesn't mind sharing. We bought a 2021 and found out the hard way that the bars on our old weight-distributing hitch aren't long enough to reach...
  4. W

    New Furnace Issue

    Hello. I have a 2017 Mallard M33, dometic touch thermostat, and i would assume a dometic furnace (although it was not marked as such). Last night i wanted to test the furnace prior to our upcoming camping trip as we have never used the heat before. Connected to good power with 2 full bottles...
  5. D

    Canopy/Awning lights -- How to control the LED lights

    My 2018 Mallard IDM33 has LED lights on the roller that unfurls the canopy/awning. The first time I wanted to use the lights, I couldn't get the remote to work. Or, maybe I am mistaken..and the remote that i have is not for my awning lights. I tried looking for information in the awning's...
  6. D

    Electric water heater noise -- hisses. Stops when switched off.

    What does it mean when the electric water heater hisses? I have been RVing for about six months (three in my driveway, three on the road). The noise is coming from the area of my pass-through where the water heater is located. And, when I turn the water heater (switch) off, the hissing...
  7. E

    Audio Upgrades Mallard M26 - Subwoofer and Exterior Speakers

    Adding a powered sub-woofer made a huge difference in the quality of sound. I placed the sub-woofer in the master bed storage compartment. I drilled holes in the entertainment center's back wall and into the master bed frame to run power and the audio RCA. I then drilled a hole inside the...
  8. F

    Colorado Springs Winter Storm Warning 10/9

    Hello all, My wife and I are leaving near 10/16 for a road trip to KY with our Mallard M28, but we're looking at below freezing temps the next three nights and possible snow tomorrow (10/9). Our Mallard hasn't been winterized yet due to the upcoming road trip, and the forecast is for...
  9. truckmen

    1985 Mallard TT needing the plastic window clip strip that holds the large windows...

    Good morning and hello all, We have an older 1985 Mallard TT 26 footer that has the large plate glass windows where the upper section does not slide. These windows are located in the dining area of the TT. These windows have a 1/2"-wide plastic strip that surrounds and holds the glass against...
  10. A

    Is this newbie expecting too much?

    I bought a new 2017 Heartland Mallard M27 from Camping World in Statesville, NC. After three camping trips I found several items that needed replacing or repaired. None of the repairs I would consider anything major. A gap in the nightstand, a scratched/damaged wall, a short in a light etc. I...
  11. L

    Heartland Mallard m302 dinette too wobbly

    Just purchased last week our new trailer. The one issue is that the table wiggles so much getting in and out of booth. There are 2 legs that are not very stable in the bases. We are thinking a third leg. Any thoughts and where to get one with the bases? Thanks. Jeff and Jeri Leonard with...
  12. B

    Electrical problem charging battery when connected to shore power

    Camping this past mother's day weekend around 9pm we lost all power to the rv. it's a 50 amp rv. we were running the electric water heater, fridge, & tv. basically while connected to shore power nothing would operate the lights were dim and going out.....the battery was empty. After I...
  13. K

    Mallard MSRP

    Is there a MSRP resource available for the Mallards? I have found them for other Heartland models. Hoping to be an owner of the M32 soon and like everyone, want to make sure we get a good deal.
  14. K

    Considering Mallard M32--A/C use in warm climates and overall

    We are looking at upgrading to the 2017 Mallard M32. Any owners with experience camping in the south with this model or a similar Mallard model? How does the a/c keep up? Also, any other pro's or con's with this model? We are a family of 4~2 children, 8 and 10.
  15. S

    Mallard, Check Trailer Wiring

    I just purchased my camper on July 30th. After pulling out of the lot with the camper in tow, I immediately began getting an error message on my truck dash screen stating "Check Trailer Wiring" but then immediately says "Trailer Connected". It did this back and forth the whole time it took me to...
  16. B

    New Mallard M28

    My wife and I picked up our new Mallard M28 yesterday! After having a 14ft trailer, then a 19ft trailer and trailering for the last 6 years, we have moved up to one we plan to keep for a long while! We love the floor plan and can't wait to travel around in our new home away from home.