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  1. hannahkcw

    Slide Out motor pulled off the wall

    I just purchased a 2020 Heartland North Trail 31QUBH a month ago. When I put out the slide out last week, I heard a giant popping noise. The motor came off the wall. (The screws holding it in place all came loose.) When the motor came loose, it twisted a couple of times on the chains, and then...
  2. W

    Question on the Refrigerator

    Hi. I have a 2018 26BRLS TT and the fridge can run on either electric or propane (button switch at top). Will the fridge run on battery while towing? The reason I ask is I had the fridge turned on when I hooked up (set to electric) and it seemed fine. I was thinking this way it would be...
  3. J

    New owners from Michigan!

    Hi there! We are new to Heartland and new to RVing! We will be taking delivery of our new North Trail 22FBS next Tuesday and are excited to get started! This forum looks like it has just a wealth of information. We are open to learning anything and everything! Right now, we are curious about...
  4. D

    2010 North Trail 26 RK 5th Wheel

    Hi Folks, Just purchased a 2010 North Trail 26 RK 5th Wheel. I'm coming from a Nash and was looking for an Arctic Fox 27-5 but nothing used within reasonable distance. I found this NT 26 RK and it was in great shape for a reasonable price so I jumped on it. I know the quality and construction...
  5. kaneferris

    Manual Slide Operation

    Are there any North Trail owners out there that have had experience with manually retracting the slide room? I can see what I believe to be the motor one the inside top section right in the middle of the room. Was also given a flexible rod to use with a drill in case of Manual retraction but...
  6. R

    Buying NT 29BHP Caliber and have questions

    We are purchasing a 2019 North Trail 29BHP Caliber Edition and have a few questions. The specs state the following: CALIBER EDITION FRONT CAP 15000 A/C 50 AMP SERVICE 2ND A/C PREP - Does this mean the main power connection is 50amp or is it still 30amp? Purchasing Surge / EMS system and trying...
  7. B

    Considering purchase of a North Trail (Caliber) 28RKDS

    Hi everyone, My wife and I are considering the purchase of a North Trail (Caliber) 28RKDS and would greatly appreciate hearing good and bad experiences with the North Trail brand and especially this model. Looking forward to any and all posts. Have a great summer everyone.:o
  8. W

    2012 North Trailer 29buds caliber edition what do I need to know?

    Hello! i found a 29buds caliber edition that has Never been used. What do I need to know? Is this worth looking at? And what should I check out? Thanks in advance.
  9. H

    Want to add fan to vent

    I have a 2018 NT 26LRSS that has a vent in the living area but does not have a fan. I would like to add a Fantastic fan but there is no 12 volt power in area. I took off the vent shroud I have and only see the aluminum frame with no holes to pull wires so am sure I will have to drill through...
  10. N

    Considering Purchase: 2018 North Trail 22RBK

    Hello! Has anyone recently purchased a Heartland North Trail 22RBK? I would appreciate any and all feedback regarding this unit. Pros/Cons would be helpful. Thank you.
  11. S

    Potential Buyer of '13 North Trail 30RKDD

    Howdy Y'all! My wife and I are about to embark on an adventure of full time RVing. While the house is about to close, we have been really searching for a home. Currently, we have two major candidates a 2009 Jayco 30BHDS and a 2013 North Trail 30RKDD. My parents have had Jayco's all of my...
  12. Mattman

    Spread axle wheel chock

    Does anyone have a good suggestion for chocking and blocking the spread axle in my North Trail. Most wedges don't go wide enough to accommodate this spread. The ones that do are expensive so I want to make sure it's money well spent. Right now I have some cheap plastic wedges but still get some...
  13. J

    Just joined the Colorado Chapter

    My wife and I just purchased a North Trail TT and are excited to join this community. I grew up with a motorhome but this is all new to my wife. I look forward to reading all the tricks and tips from other members! Jason
  14. A

    Install ladder on back??????

    I have a 2012 north trail 32qbss and was looking into installing a ladder on the back to access the roof. I have searched and found nothing on this. Anyone have the same model with a ladder on the rear? I have called a tech at Heartland and got nowhere. I am looking to buy the la401 universal...
  15. S

    Touch Audio AV system and Stabilizing jacks

    A year ago I was looking for tech support and a new remote for my touch audio system, but couldn't find anything published nor a universal remote... just recently i found found what many others had been asking for and many may still need so I figured I'd post the info... Lippert Components is...
  16. G

    Just inking the deal on soon-to-be ours: 2011 North Trail 21fbs

    The boyfriend and I have been intensely searching and researching the right RV for our entry level selves. His family is experienced with RV lifestyle and I have never been inside one before meeting him... WHAT A NEW AND AWESOME WORLD!!! We found a terrific deal on a North Trail 21fbs - which...
  17. N

    Bad timing I guess

    Hello all, We just picked up our new 2014 21FBS last week that was built in Sep. 2013, kind of getting an early jump on the next year I guess. :confused: With temps getting into the 20's tonight we had to go ahead and winterize. I guess we'll just have to take it out and not use the water...
  18. Nathan

    Not Going to lie, pretty dissapointed with Heartland's North Trail product

    After retiring my old Springdale My wife and I purchased a brand new 2012 30QOK travel trailer by North Trail. Since we picked up this trailer we have had nothing but problems. NOT just minor problems but major problems! Luckily, this forum has helped me especially with the Axle sag (bad...
  19. R

    2011 heartland North Trail 21FBS JACK SIZE?????????????

    Hey, I know there is no chance anyone will be up... and certainly not one who has a North Trail like mine... JAMES, WHERE ARE YOU??? :) But, I need to know the size of the Jack on our camper! I'm trying to place an order. I have to choose either a 2" or a 2 1/4" size...
  20. CliffP

    Midwest Camping Group

    I'm starting a group for anyone who has camped in or has interest in camping in the Midwest. This is a public group open to anyone. Please join the group and help us all get more out of our Midwest camping experiences.:D
  21. CliffP

    Checklist for new camper inspection before delivery

    My wife and I purchased a 2012 32BUDS in late November. We asked the dealer to store it for the winter and we're planning on picking it up late March / early April. Our dealer found a big issue while they were moving it to get ready for a snowstorm, called us about it, and sent it back to...
  22. CliffP

    Just wrote the BIG check

    Just wrote out the Big check! Our new North Trail 32BUDS Caliber Edition is officially on order and should reach the dealer December/January. :cool: Feeling pretty cool right now!
  23. CliffP

    North Trail dealers

    Looking for info on sales departments and service departments. Has anyone had experiences (good or bad) with Freedom RV Travel Center in Slinger, WI or Wagners RV Center in Green Bay, WI? Please PM me if you don't feel comfortable posting public.
  24. CliffP

    Slide toppers

    <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Can I get some opinions of slide toppers. A dealer told me it would be a good place to save some $. He said if leaves do get blown up under the slide topper that can be worse than trying to keep them out. Any thoughts?
  25. CliffP

    Front Fiberglass Cap for NT Caliber Edition?

    Front cap or not? Looking at North Trail 32BUDS Caliber Edition and considering a front cap as an option. Are they stickly cosmetic or is there a benifit? Does anyone have information or stories? Thanks!
  26. Brad

    installed my EMS (surge protector) in NT 21FBS (pics)

    I had resigned myself to thinking I needed an outdoor/portable surge protector, but I really wanted a hardwired unit. A few weeks ago I noticed for the first time that the panel below and to the right of the sink (when looking at the sink) in my North Trail 21FBS is removable. The second I saw...
  27. Brad

    '07 Tacoma w/ North Trail 21FBS

    Howdy all, The wife and I just committed to a North Trail 21FBS. Tow vehicle is a 2007 Toyota Tacoma double cab 4x4 non-TRD. It has had the suspension TSB performed, meaning the 3-leaf springs have been replaced with 4 (as well as swapping in the stiffer TRD shocks). And of course we will be...
  28. J

    my suggestions for the new fx-22

    I hope that the design of the FX-22 may have the capacity for an oven, even if only the half-time option and I also hope the wall thickness may allow for a separate shower faucet and not the dreaded sink faucet extension hose that appears in the Edge M22. Too much water ends up on the floor...
  29. N

    North Trail Wide TRAX experience?

    Hi, New to the forum but have been towing a travel trailer for quite a while. I'm looking at a new North Trail 31RLSS travel trailer that has a feature called Wide TRAX. Basically the two axles of the trailer are farther apart than normal. (There may be more but the salesman didn't specify...
  30. J

    2008 May - North Trail (TT) Statistics

    Hi all, A few days ago, I posted the May 2008 statistics for Heartland's 5th wheel products. Today I visited with Mike Creech, the Brand Manager for North Trail and received some North Trail facts plus the official May 2008 stats. Here is what I can share today: 2008-May - North Trail...
  31. happycampernc

    questioned about North Trail

    On thursday as we were coming back to the campground we were asked if we like the North Trail and I told them that we love it. The lady said that they were looking at getting one because they liked the lay out of the North Trail. I wish that I had time to tell them to come to this forum and...