1. L

    Residential Refrigerator cool while pulling

    Hello! I live full-time in a 2017 Bighorn. How can I get power to my residential refrigerator while pulling? Thanks in advance!
  2. W

    Question on the Refrigerator

    Hi. I have a 2018 26BRLS TT and the fridge can run on either electric or propane (button switch at top). Will the fridge run on battery while towing? The reason I ask is I had the fridge turned on when I hooked up (set to electric) and it seemed fine. I was thinking this way it would be...
  3. S

    No power to the power source for the refrigerator.

    I've got a 2016 big country 4010rd. I have no power to the source where the fridge plugs into. When I turn the inverter on I have power. I have checked the gfci it's good. Checked the breaker and it's not flipped. I checked all the junction boxes for loose wires. I'm lost to what is going on...
  4. T

    Residential Refrigerator

    Hello Everyone, I have a 2018 4005 and the fridge hasn’t worked correctly for most of the time I have had it. It is a Hisense residential model. The freezer works great, but the fridge won’t get below 56 degrees. Have had a new thermal fuse and windgate installed, but still not working. The...
  5. T

    Refrigerator outlet receptacle has no power

    Of all outlets to quit working without warning, seems our Refrigerator is the one. Go to bed, everything is working fine, wake up, the fridge is off. There is no power to the receptacle. No breakers are blown. First time it happened, it seemed that if was all of the outlets with a GFI, we...
  6. Diggievitt

    NEW electrical element NOT working

    Dometic RM 2652 the refrigerator was working fine on electric, then it suddenly quit working. I narrowed down the culprit to the electrical element. The old one was full of rust so I installed the new one and it wasn’t heating the flume. I even tried interchanging the wires that went to the...
  7. Krjharley

    Refrigerator won’t operate while towing

    We own a 2016 Landmark 365 Key West with a residential fridge. The fridge wont run while driving. Dealer says there is a reset button and we need a magnet to do the reset. Can anyone explain this further? Thank!
  8. T

    Newbie Refrigerator Questions

    So we just purchased our very first RV, a North Trail 25 LRSS travel trailer. We currently have it at a storage site without power connected. We are planning our first weekend getaway which leads me to my questions. What do you do to get your refrigerator ready for food and beverages before...
  9. R

    2015 Cyclone 4000 refrigerator fuse issue

    Hi guys, Ive had my Cyclone 4000 for almost a year and a half. Rarely have issues but yesterday the 2 lights over my counter opposite the doors went out. My refrigerator also went out. All other lights work. The 5th fuse was blown. The breaker controlling it is labeled "conv." I'm guessing it's...
  10. N

    Refrigerator not working, Freezer is working on AC power. LP mode saying "no flo"

    Hello, My fiance and I recently purchased a 2014 Heartland Big Country 3690SL. We had some issues with our Kitchen Slide which we recently had serviced and fixed. Upon turning the refrigerator on to cool again we find that the freezer will cool fine, but the refrigerator will not turn cool at...
  11. RVFun4Us

    Securing Items in a Norcold side-by-side Refrigerator

    Our Norcold side-by-side AC/propane refrigerator has an interior width of 32 inches. In our previous Bighorn, we used the expandable bars to secure items on the shelves, but that was not a side-by-side. The expandable bars max width is 28 inches. CW and other researched stores do not have...
  12. nnicole209

    2016 Bighorn 3270 fridge mold

    Hello. My husband and I bought a 2016 Bighorn 3270 about a year ago. It is our first trailer ever, so we are def still learning. When we close up our rv after a trip I am unable to leave the fridge open to prevent mold, as the layout does not allow for this. What do others do to prevent mold...
  13. Erika

    Norcold 1210 mystery fix

    My 2014 Norcold 1210 has had issues. Replaced the cooling unit once while it was under warranty. Since then, there have been two times now that it has started to fail to cool, and then seemingly died. I am posting now because, twice now, I have managed to "fix" the situation by using this...
  14. T

    Is it safe to run the refrigerator while driving?

    I have an Elkridge 35QSQB model and was wondering if it was safe running the fridge off of the truck while I am driving? Not interested in using propane while I drive, but if that's the only way, I will. I have a 5 and a half hour drive and it's coming out of storage, so the fridge will not...
  15. K

    Survey-Residential Refrigerator/Inverter problems

    This is a follow up to several different threads about inverter problems in Heartland 5th wheels. If you own a Heartland 5th wheel with a residential refrigerator, please take a moment to answer this survey and see a) who is effected by this problem and b) what has Heartland done to fix it for...
  16. doTERRAOilMomma

    Replacing Outdoor Kitchen Fridge w/Deep Freezer

    Has anyone successfully replaced their outdoor kitchen refrigerator with a deep freezer? Would love to know if this can be/has been successfully done! Thanks! :) PS: Asking specifically for a Big Country 3960SL model if that matters.
  17. N

    2011 Cyclone 3814 external refridge vent question, why latch closed?

    I have the 2011 Cyclone 3814, we are heading out for our maiden voyage and have turned on the refridge to get it cold for the trip, I have unlatched the vent on the outside of the coach that I believe is the vent for the fridge, is there any reason to latch it closed, or should it generally be...
  18. W

    Dometic refrigerator - temperature to metric?

    Hi Everyone, I would love to know if there's a way to tell our fridge to display the temperature in metric instead of the default which is fahrenheit. Up here in the great white north, we don't use fahrenheit for anything, and since I grew up learning and using metric, seeing 38 on my fridge is...
  19. K

    Dometic RM1350

    We left home a month ago and our refrigerator worked for about 4 days, then the temperature started rising. It got as high as 60 once but mostly hovered in the low 50s. Went to a rally in Michigan and got lots of suggestions as to what might be wrong. After 3 weeks we had it evaluated in...
  20. mobilequeen

    Help with my Dometic 2620

    Hi everybody! This is my first post. I have a Dometic 2620 refrigerator in my RV. The light on the right that controls the temperature works fine. The auto/gas light is not working at all. The freezer isn't working and I don't think the refrigerator is working either, although the inside light...
  21. P

    Frig care in storage

    I am new to RVing. Myspouse has some experience. We justbought a new 3610 BH. :)Our frig is a 4door Dometic with icemaker. Aftercamping for 4 nights, we have put it in storage for a few weeks until we can goagain. There was some frost in the backof the freezer component when we left it, so...
  22. Hodge-M22

    Why the refrigerator hindge on the wrong side.

    Hello All, I have noticed that for some odd reason some M21’s have the refrigerator with the door hinge on the left so you have to go around the door to get to the counter, while sometimes they come with the more particle refrigerator setup of the door hinge on the right so that you have easy...
  23. D

    Refrigerator Will Not Turn On

    We have recently bought a Bighorn. We are experiencing problems with the refrigerator. It seems as though no power is getting to it. We have even switched to gas mode and still no success. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  24. 2010augusta

    Dometic slide out refrigerator issues make it into Highways Magazine

    Well for those of us with refers in a slide out and can keep them cool in the heat of the summer. The November/December issue of Highways Magazine addressed the issue, and they even suggest the same thing that has been mentioned on the forum, hot wiring the fans to run 24/7. the real isses is a...
  25. T

    Dometic Refrigerator Questions

    Does the gas have to be on and the pilot light lit for my frig to work in automatic mode? If the gas is on and the pilot lit, is it feeding off the electric if the shoreline is plugged in?
  26. M

    Refrigerator EO error

    Our 2009 BH3055 has been in storage for 4 months. Today while we were getting it ready for travel we tried to turn on the fridge but we keep getting an EO error. I read in the manual and it states that there is "no communication between display and power modules." "The control system will...
  27. J

    Refrigerator will not light

    All, I am in a pickle and could use some help. I am embarking on a 10day camping trip, and just found out that my refrigerator will not light and run off propane. I ran it off AC at my house, got it all cooled. I then bled the lines (until the range would light). I have since turned the...
  28. porthole

    Dometic refrigerator accessories

    Do the Dometic refrigerators no longer come with all the accessories? This is our 3rd Dometic and the first to have only one door shelf in the freezer, also no ice bucket or ice trays. In the fridge section the "open" area on the 2nd from top shelf does not have the filler plate, one door...
  29. T

    Difficult to open Refrigerator

    We're having difficulties opening the refrigerator. There appears to be some sort of "sweet" spot to hit and then we can pull it open. (This is going to kill my nails.......) We mentioned it during the PDI - they found the sweet spot and said it was just tight. What are we doing wrong?
  30. 2010augusta

    refrigerator - gas or electric, which is more efficient

    We are having an issue with our refrigerator. I was running it on 110 volt, but it would not stay cold. I switched it over to run on L.P. and now it is staying cold. It is very hot outside during the daytime, 104 degree high temps. Is it common for the fridge to work better on gas than electric...
  31. T

    Help with refrigerator coming open

    Help we are having a problem with the door of the refrigerator staying shut when we are traveling. I always check it before we leave and it seems tight but when we get to the campground there is always something for the refrigerator on the floor. Does anyone else have this problem ?
  32. C

    ice maker leak fix in 3055 refrigerator

    This is a bit long, but not as long as the grief it caused. My wife came into the unit and found a "puddle" in the corner by the left bottom of the fridge, next to the carpet. Curious as she is, she thought that the heavy rain may have caused the water to be blown under the vent area. She...
  33. HowardBJr

    Refrigerator options

    We have an Augusta on our short list and would like some input on options for the refrigerator. We will be using the Augusta full-time. The options are: Standard 9 Cu.Ft. Dometic Standard 9 Cu.Ft. Dometic with 120 volt mini refrigerator and standalone ice maker in the basement 9 Cu.Ft. Dometic...
  34. R

    Refrigerator fans not working in Bighorn

    Our refrigerator is heating up way too much during the day in our 3 week old Bighorn and I have found that the fans are not working. The connections seem ok and the fuse seems to be ok. Any Ideas? New rigs are so much fun.
  35. boatto5er

    Refrigerator Not Starting Up on Electric

    Any thoughts on why it won't start up? It worked fine on our last trip two weeks ago. The "automatic" light comes on and stays lit for about five minutes, then the check light comes on. Haven't tried it on gas yet, but doing that next.
  36. F

    Dometic Refrigerator

    Hey Jim B, It's been a while since I've been on the site, it's good still seeing your name here, I've glanced through the forums and not seen an anwser to a question I posed to Heartland. The recalled Dometic refrigerator in our Heartland Landmark failed due to a boiler tube crack, I and the...
  37. roazo


    Having a problem with the refrigerator not working on the road after the recall was done. It does not work on the road at all, and very slow to cool down when sitting. Is this normal for one that is mounted in a slide. Service center wants to add a mod for only when it is on the road to keep...
  38. imchud

    Refrigerator Door brace

    I have a 09-3385 and inside the refrigerator door there are these white plastic separators use in the door trays to separtate the trays into compartments... When not in use the separtators can be removed and used to lock the freezer and Refrigerator doors open (just a few inches) to prevent...
  39. M

    Refrigerator Icemaker

    I've recently bought a Bighorn 3055 and really enjoying it, but can't find where the valve is that obviously needs turned on to get water to the icemaker in the frig/freezer. Have looked everywhere I can think of - inside and out with no luck. Can anyone help?