1. SueJean

    Ruined the cylinder on our 2008 Big Horn....accidentally, on purpose..need to find parts.

    :o's been a while.....uh, years, in fact, but today we managed to drag our 2008 Big Horn through the mud back onto the road for the first time in.....5 years. It was exhilarating to drive down the Alaskan Highway and watch it heading on down the road in front of me. My cowboy was...
  2. S

    Replacing Slide Out Seals

    I'm looking to keep my cyclone in great shape. Upon a maintenance check I noticed that the closet slide out's outer seal should be replaced before it fails. The trim piece holding the seal in place is the problem. I do not want to force it off and do damage to it. Is there a proper way to...
  3. M

    Do I need a slider to haul a 2009 Landmark Pinhurst

    Hello, I'm new to the RV world, we bought a 2009 Landmark Pinehurst, we plan to pull it with my F350 short bed 6 3/4. Should I install the slider with the fifth wheel or will work ok without it since on the 2009 Landmark. Also looking for some help for my wife working all the buttons. She can...
  4. E

    Big Country Slide is leaning in and allows air to infiltrate during a wind

    I have a Big Country 3300 with three slides. One of the slides leans toward the inside on the top. Because of this when the wind come from the direction of that slide I get air infiltrating the inside of the trailer. My question is, are there instructions for me to adjust the slide so that it...
  5. C

    slider too close

    We ave a 24RL 5ver that we bought in august. When we put the slider in or out it brushes the cabinet handles and the radio knob. It has already taken a chunk out of the trim on the slider and I don't want it to get any worse. Does anybody else have this problem and what have you done to fix it...
  6. brunsje

    Sticky cup-like door slider opener!

    I really don't know what else to call it! :D You know, the one that slides the plexiglass over! Okay, mine keeps falling off. I tried rubber cement. Fell off! I have had numerous suggestions but I thought I would ask you guys/gals for a solution that WORKS! I am ready to drill a hole...
  7. C

    Lower seal on off door slider tearing

    Lower seal where rollers go in and out of seal is tearing. You can see right inside the rig through void. Any ideas on a good fix. 2009 Pinehurst. Thanks, Rich
  8. 4ever

    slider awning

    I have a 2010 Bighorn 3410RE. The door side slider awning always collects water when it rains. The other two slider awnings don't. Is there any adjustments that can be made to the slider awning to take some of the slack out? Thanks
  9. S

    Reese 15 Slider

    Hello everyone, I have a question about my hitch. I am not sure if this is normal or not so I thought I would ask in the one place I am sure to get an answer. When the 5ver is hitched there is about 1/2" of space between the jaws that I can see the king pin through. That is with the hitch...
  10. Bob and Chris

    5th wheel slider

    What size/model slider would you recommend for a new Augusta? I trust Reese but would like to hear your thoughts on other brands. I plan to order the Trail Air pin option. Thanks in advance.
  11. linuxkidd

    POLL: To Slide, or Not to Slide...

    Hello All, As some of you already know, I'm the proud new owner of a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 with all the trimmings... Except... the Hitch! So.. I've started this thread not to ask which hitch to get.. ( I've already decided on the 18k Reese Signature Series ), but to find out if I really...
  12. Duramax1

    Do you recomend a slider hitch?

    I presently have a travel trailer and am now considering the purchase of a Sundance 5th wheel. Heartland promotes its "88 degree turning radius". I have a standard bed duramax and wonder whether I should be considering a slider hitch. Will I ever be turning sharper than 88 degrees? Are there...