1. Krjharley

    Gray tanks

    Our 2016 Keywest has 2 gray water tanks and 2 valves to empty. Does anyone know the capacity of each tank? The manual only says one tank of 90 gallons? Thanks
  2. J

    Water valve

    We have a 2008 3490 bhs 5th wheel. When we hook up 2 city water its filling our fresh water holding tank and over flowing. Can someone plz tell me why??? Or how to fix this??? Please
  3. Gulf_Coast_Girl

    Noob questions....

    Hello all, old school camper new to RVing and I have some questions. Here's the setup: I have a Prowler 285LX (Travel Trailer) and I plan on using it 1 to 2 times per month, year round. I live in Florida (up in the panhandle) and the trailer will be stored in my backyard when not in use...
  4. brlr2000

    3300RL Grey Water Tanks

    Can anyone tell me which drains go to which Grey Water Tanks? I'm especially interested in knowing where the washer/dryer drain is routed.
  5. W

    Heating Pads for basement tanks

    Is there an option to have electric heating pads put in the belly of a BH under each tank so you don't need to run the furnace to keep them from freezing? If not, how hard is it to drop the belly cover? Thanks, Sue
  6. D

    what are freshwater tanks made of?

    Hi I finally found a local company that can spin weld on some new freshwater tank fitting. However they can only do "poly Etheline" tanks and not pvc and such. Any idea what the heartland tanks are made out of? thanks doug
  7. M

    21fbs propane tanks

    I was wondering if there is an indication as to when the propane tanks are getting low. On the duel tanks, do they automatically switch to the other tank when one is empty or do you swap over manually. I saw a green dot on the valve area, is that some sort of indicator? Thanks for all your help!
  8. R

    heated tanks

    Hi, I have a few questions that may be stupid, but since we have some new features on our new Big Country 2011 3450TS, that we are not to familiar with we are asking. 1 Since we camp in colder climates on our old camper we ran the furnance more on cold days( instead of electric heaters) to keep...
  9. RV_Vagabonds

    Question about propane tanks

    We just picked up our 2011 Grand Canyon (yay, us!) from Great Lakes RV in Elkhart, IN (yay, Rob!) and after five days of using the furnace to heat our rig while we switched over our belongings and got everything fixed we're wondering how to tell if our propane tanks go empty. Other than the...
  10. S

    The Gray tanks

    New to rv'ing and need an explanation of the gray tank system. When the #1 gray tank fills up....does it automatically open up the #2 gray tank. Or do different areas flow into the gray tanks? So if the indicator on the #1 gray tank shows full..........does it need to be dumped immediately or...
  11. 2

    Water tanks

    I just bought a 2010 2900mk before winter used one weekend and had to winterize it because of cold temps.Very easy to winterize the lines but to get the water out of the black tank and fresh tank was something else.Took it to the dump station washed the black out and drained it.Had the fresh...
  12. T

    propane tanks

    I'm a new landmark owner and have a situation with my right side propane tank working. The left one works great but the right one will not turn Indicator green and nothing gas will work any suggestions :)
  13. A

    fresh water tanks

    Looking for some assistance :confused:, I have been having problems with filling my fresh water tanks on my 2009 Augusta, it appears that when I attempt to fill my tank/s that it on occasion will fill, but once it showed full and a short while later the meter read around 1/2 tank, while looking...
  14. J

    CY 3010 Fresh Water Tank - Some water is inaccessible - Discussion

    Hello...I have a new 2010 Cyclone 3010 and this past weekend I was able to use all the appliances in the toy hauler. I kept an eye on the fresh water tank and at 1/3 full I lost water pressure in the coach. I went outside and checked the drain hose for the fresh water tank, opened the valve and...
  15. V

    Portable Potable Water Tanks

    Due to the issues some of us have with the amount of water needed in our tanks before the pump will pick up and the difficulties of draining them completely, I am thinking of rigging a 5 -7 gal. portable tank in the basement and using the antifreeze tubes for the pick up. This will provide water...
  16. M

    fresh water tanks on 3850

    It seems as though our new 3850 has two fresh water tanks? I measured how long it took to fill a 5 gal bucket then timed how many gallons went into the tank. (tanks??) At about 50 gallons my water gauge showed full ?? I put another 50 gal in and shut it off. So...it appears there are two tanks...
  17. SilverRhino

    Cleaning Holding Tanks

    As thorough as members of this forum are.......I'm almost sure that this has probably been posted before. It seems that the dumping and cleaning of holding tanks is always a hot topic. Anything that simplifies and make the process more efficient is something I think most RVer's would be...
  18. D

    holding tanks

    Hi all, We have had non stop problems with holding tanks (grey) Have had one tank replaced due to crack and another re-glued. Yesterday I again noticed that there was a bulge in the under belly again it was filled with water. We opened it up to allow the water to escape and dry everything out...
  19. Y

    Cyclone 3010 Grey Tanks

    Back in April of this year we looked at a new 3010. It had 2 gray dump handles so I assumed 2 gray tanks. The question is, are these 2 tanks connected? In other words, if one fills up will it spill into the other? Thank you!
  20. DMitch

    40LB Propane Tanks in a Big Horn 3850 - will they fit?

    Will 40LB. propane tanks fit in a 2010 Big Horn 3850? Thank you,
  21. T

    Will 30 lb propane tanks fight on 31BDSS?

    I see that the North Trail Travel Trailers come with two 20 lb propane tanks. Will 30 lb propane tanks fit on the trailer and will the covers cover them completely? Thanks in advance. Ross
  22. P

    Checking the propane level in tanks

    I have the OEM tanks in my new 3055RL and would like to know the level of fuel in each of the two tanks. I remember watching my Dad pour hot water on the tanks to find out fuel levels. Is that the best way to do it??
  23. S

    Trouble filling fresh water tanks

    When ever I fill the fresh water tanks, it takes about 20 gal or so and then I start seeing back pressure. It then almost becomes impossible to complete the fill. I have read some postings with similar issues. Is this a common problem. I have a 2009 Oakmont. Also, should I be aware of the...
  24. C

    Heated tanks

    I am new to the forum and we are currently looking to upgrade to a midsize fifth wheel or trailer. We do a lot of late fall early winter, early spring camping. Living in Alberta those nights especially get cold. I am looking for a unit that comes with heating pads on tanks and drain pipes. I see...
  25. R

    Adding propane tanks

    I have a propane generator, which uses alot of propane to run ( bad info from my salesperson). I need to add additional propane. Any suggestions on how. I have a Ford F250 Super Duty 4X4 with short bed and tool box. I would like to know if you can transport propane tank lying down in bed of...
  26. Duramax1

    Enclosed and Heated Holding Tanks & Valves

    I would appreciate your having a look at the Thread for "Heating Issues" in the Sundance General Discussions. As I posted in that thread, there is only one hose that comes through the stair well on my model 2900MK rather than the two hoses shown in the pictures for the model 2998RB. While...
  27. B

    grey tanks - overflow

    If one of the two grey tanks totally fills will it overflow into the 2nd grey tank or back up into the sinks etc.