1. B

    No TV or Sat Signal

    I have a 2017 Cyclone Model 4005. Never been able to get a TV signal from the roof antenna to any TVs (yes, I made sure the button was pressed by the front bedroom TV so the red light is on). Also haven't been able to hook a King Tailgater DirecTV using the connections on the side panel (I think...
  2. RVFun4Us

    Digital versus Analog

    When I use OTA antenna and use auto channel search for the antenna, I pull up all the digital channels just fine. The picture is beautiful. But when I use auto channel search for the cable connection, I just pull up analog stations which are reduced in size and aspect on the TV and a lousy...
  3. P

    North Trail 24BHS TV installation

    I just finished installing a TV in my North Trail 24BHS (non-Caliber edition), so I thought I would share my experience. The TV provided in the Caliber edition is actually relatively small (see photo 1). I bought a 40 inch TV (Samsung NU7100), which fills the space almost perfectly, leaving a...
  4. G

    3260EL Electrical Problem - Furnace - Light Switch and TV - Need your thoughts please

    Hello All, Have a 2014 Bighorn 3260EL. Having an electrical problem (I think). Here are some symptoms which are weird, and believe they may all (hopefully) be linked to the problem I am having: 1. If the light in the bedroom or the fan in the bathroom is on, the reception on our TV goes to...
  5. A

    Summit TV

    Does anyone know where I can get a manual for the Summit television in my 2017 Torque?
  6. L

    Is the TV sound supposed to play through the ceiling radio speakers?

    I have a brand new 2018 NT 22RBK and the sansui TV sound is not loud enough. Should this have been factory connected through the Furrion DV3100? I can only see a USB, Cable TV and HDMI port on the TV. The Radio/DVD player has USB, Aux and a headphone jack. If not factory wired, any good...
  7. E

    TV Mounting Areas

    We're new owners of a Trail Runner 21SLE and have noted the 2 locations for TV hookups. Wondering if the walls are sturdy enough for a 32" on a wall mount, one in dinette area (outside wall) and/or one in bedroom (bathroom wall).
  8. P

    TV Mount Location

    I am sure that this question has already been asked once or twice, but I did not want to take the time right now to hunt down the answer to my question. I own an MPG 181 and would like to install a TV mount on the wall above where there is a TV platform (with the audio system). I remember...
  9. D


    no matter what TITLE I give this, it says it's too short. So I'll try here I guess. We store the Bighorn for the winter in freezing temps, should we remove the TV's for the season also?
  10. Andy_Parker

    Audio/Video Wiring Schematic Request

    I am helping the owner of a Torque 312 (VIN 5SFCG3826DE252633) work through the units entertainment system features. Would you please post an audio/video wiring schematic to aid us? I apologize if this has already been done for this unit... I did find postings for Bighorn and Landmark brands...
  11. W

    Attaching flat Screen TV bracket

    Hello, I am new to Heartland. I have just purchased a 2011 North Country 22FB. I want to mount a 24" flat screen TV on the wall separating the kitchen from the bathroom. I would appreciate any information on types of brackets. I have been told there may be a more 'solid' part in the wall above...
  12. L

    Our saga

    We received some bad news this week, our lovely Land Yacht (2009 BH 3055 RL) was broken into while at the dealership having some warranty work done while in "secured" storage.:rolleyes: The thief took the large TV and were unsuccessful in taking the small TV from the BR (they stripped the...
  13. SJH

    3450TS Television

    This seems like a dumb question but I just want to be the TV on a solid/stationary mount or does the mount rotate at all? I am afraid to pull on it very hard. From what I can must be a solid mount! Many Thanks!
  14. G

    TV Mount Weight limits

    We would like to mount a flat screen TV in our new 2010 21FBS. We were hoping to hang a 32" LCD. What is the maximum TV weight that the wall stud can handle? Joe & Helen Gorlesky
  15. T


    hi, we purchased a 2010 3055 in june. i cannot get the digital TV to work on "air" which i assume means antenna. i have tried several different locations with no luck. i can get TV with cable ok. "weak or no signal" is on the TV screen when i try the antenna. thanks, tom
  16. J

    Razor Coax Layout - Drawing attached

    Attached is a PDF that is an Engineering drawing that shows the coaxial cable layout for Razor.
  17. J

    Cyclone Coax Layout - Drawing attached

    Attached is a PDF that is an Engineering drawing that shows the coaxial cable layout for Cyclone.
  18. E

    DVD player and television with stereo

    i have a 2009 3912 with jensen entertainment. the dvd player works horribly. claims bad discs even with brand new dvds. if i keep trying over and over again, the unit will finally read the disc. after 10 minutes of it trying to read the disc, it almost likes like a cd player that skips as you...
  19. J

    Sundance Television Coax Wiring Diagram

    Attached is the Television Coax wiring diagram for Sundance.
  20. Electricman

    Television not working

    We took delivery of our NT in November of 08 and it came with as an option 15 inch lcd tv with dvd player. We tested it when we got it and then atored it inside the house for the winter. We placed it back into the trailer for our 19 day trip to Florida at the end of June. Upon trying to use it...
  21. G

    question about television placement

    Hi All! I'm new here - we pick up our 21FBS Friday morning - WE CAN'T WAIT! My question is about the location of the TV right in front of the thermostat. We have a 32 inch LCD TV that we plan to use, but I'm thinking the heat of the TV may affect the thermostat. Any advice about that...
  22. HowardBJr

    Television Options

    We have an Augusta at the top of our short list of 5th wheelers. We will full-time in it. We would like some input on options for additional televisions. We most likely will go with high definition Direct TV with TIVO and possibly also go with a second “Free to Air” dish. I would need an A/B...
  23. T


    is the tv in the 3055 12 volt? tom
  24. C

    Beware: Television Theft Rings

    I had my BH3055 in for some small warrenty work at our dealership here in south/central Pennsylvania. While on the lot a group/gang hit the dealership and stole the digital TVs in eighteen rigs by breaking a window, entering, disconnecting the TV and passing it out through the broken window...
  25. C

    Replacement Television Size

    I recently had my trailer broken into while in the Dealers lot for repair. They stole the Olevia television from my unit and I need to get a replacement for it. My unit was a 2008 BH3055RL (#10247) with an Olevia 27 inch model. I have found that most of the current 32 inch models (Sony...
  26. D

    3110DS Television in front bedroom

    Has anyone put a television in the front bedroom? If so, where and how?
  27. B

    bighorn television removal - need guidance on cabinet rework

    I have a 2006 3500rl. Can you please tell me how to remove the tv without destroying the wooden cabinet. I want to install a new flat screen digital tv. Also can you send a wiring diagram of all the coax wires? Thank you Baileyjet
  28. O

    DVD through the Television

    We have a 09 Cyclone 3950 and last weekend I tried to play a DVD. I put it in the Jenson stereo system (as instructed) and it would not play on the television. I tried changing the input on the tv to no avail as well as the player. Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong?:confused:
  29. RVFun4Us

    Satellite Connections in a Big Horn 3055RL

    I have read the many inputs from Big Horn owners about connecting their DirecTV satellite hookup into their rigs. Yet this information is not helping me make my initial hookups on my 3055RL. In the outside control center, their are four hookups at the top from left to right: Telephone...