1. Jbevolves

    Dometic Tstat issues start with E1, then E5 now what seems to be low voltage to tstats (both)

    Hello All, My first post, although I have been reading the forum since my purchase in 2020 of my 2017 Landmark 365 Madison. Thanks to everyone who shares and contributes. I began this trip down the rabbit hole with a simple E1 error in my front HVAC unit which controls the furnace. I tried...
  2. G

    AC Thermostat and control board upgrade

    Hello, I currently have a 2019 Heartland Prowler Lynx 25LX with a Dometic B57915.XX1J0 non-ducted rooftop AC installed. I also have a standard "heat only" furnace/thermostat (see picture). I have been doing some extensive research and I would like to install a "digital" thermostat so that...
  3. docmike38

    Heater intermittent failure

    2021 Trail Runner JM21, Heater cycles a few times then fails, if I cycle the thermostat and run the AC then go back to heat it will start up again... have the Coleman Arixcel thermostat.. .could it be the T-Stat?
  4. C

    A/C fan toggling between HI/LO/OFF when thermostat set on AUTO

    My A/C fan toggles between HI, LO, and off when the thermostat is set to auto. It will run high speed on the fan for a bit, then switch to low speed, then turn off (like it should once the desired temp is reached) all within a minute. The A/C will stay off until the temp is above the setting...
  5. T

    Dometic Single Zone Standard Thermostat Problems

    I purchased a 2018 Heartland Fuel 352 Toy Hauler. It has 2 of the Dometic Single Zone Thermostats. These things are absolutely horrible and I have no idea why Heartland has installed them in their homes. Both of them have a hard time seeing the display. You can only see it once you touch it...
  6. gslabbert5119

    Air not turning off in Bedroom

    I have a Dometic Single Zone LCD Thermostat in my living area and another in my bedroom. The problem is with the bedroom, the air kicks on and the compressor is running as well as the fan and it is pumping cold air but the aircon does not switch off automatically, I have to do it manually, which...
  7. D

    Atwood Hot Water Heater - Cyclone 4150

    Hi guys! My first post in here but definitely not my last. Unable to get pictures right now but going to attempt to explain this to the best of my ability.... For Gas - Looks like the thermostat on my water heater has been either stolen or never installed by my dealer. Is this required to...
  8. brlr2000

    Greystone Contact Info

    I have the Greystone F3610G, and the thermostat doesn't seem to be working. Does anyone have contact information for the manufacturer?
  9. T

    Nest Thermostat Replacing Dometic, Possible?

    Hi All! My Wife and I are new Full Timers! We purchased a Big Country 4010RD and are so far loving it (Since 9/17/2015). I own a Nest Thermostat from my old house and was wondering if it was possible to switch the Dometic Thermostat for it. I checked the wires and it looks like it should, but...
  10. L

    Dometic thermostat issues

    We are currently having AC issues with our newly purchased 2015 Heartland Sundance 2880RLT fifth wheel. We purchased the unit in June and have been using the unit extensively since then. We are parked in a full sun lot most days. During the day we have had no problems with the AC keeping up...
  11. N

    Garage thermostat 2011 3814

    There was an earlier post regarding the thermostat in the garage, I read it but still could not determine if that thermostat is a dummy for a AC to be installed in the garage or does it have some use regarding heating the underbelly? Is there any conclusion to this?
  12. S

    What is the second thermostat in the bathroom for?

    Hi everyone, I have a one-month new Country Ridge. It has the usual thermostat in the main living room where you can set heat or cool, fan speed, temperature etc. It works well and I have no issues with it. I am curious about the second thermostat in the bathroom? It is a simple thermostat...
  13. H

    Furnace not coming on

    I changed the t-stat thinking that had failed because when I set the t-stat to call for heat, the fan in the a/c unit came on. After getting the digital t-stat installed along with a new control box, the condition still exists. I know that the furnace blower has to come on before the burner...
  14. W

    FMI Fireplace Thermostat

    I have a Model FEF26 fireplace which does not respond to its thermostat. It works fine otherwise, but will not start or stop automatically. I have the mode set to "Auto". Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution?
  15. jpajax

    Where the thermostat

    I have a 3410re 2010 and it has a Carrier ac with a remote. the question is were is the sensor for the thermostat for the furnace in the hand held remote or in the ac unit.
  16. B

    thermostat question

    Customer service just send me a replacement thermostat and while disconnecting the wires from the original one I noticed a orange wire that was not connected to anything. Does anyone know what that orange wire is for ?? or was it supposed to be connected to something ?? There was no other...
  17. imchud

    Thermostat Size

    I know there has been a lost of post on the digital thermostat up-grades, but you guys always talked about one purchased from wal-mart. The problem with that one is it looks to wide for where I got to install mine. the wall mine is currently installed on is only about 4" wide.. Are all the...
  18. I

    Thermostat Way Off

    Have the carrier AC with whatever digital thermostat. We at first thought the AC wasn't working because I set it for 76 (like I do at home and our last rig) and it never did anything to cool the rig. After some observations it looks like the thermostat is off by a mile. There is "cold" air...
  19. R

    Fantastic fan thermostat

    The thermostat in my 6 week old rain sensor fan quit working. I can not find any information on how to contact the manufacture to get a new one. Does anyone have a number to contact them? I have looked in everything Heartland gave me plus looking in the internet.
  20. R

    Installing Hunter thermostat

    I have purchased a programable Hunter thermostat but I can not figure out how to remove the faceplate of the Due-therm analog thermastat without possibly breaking it. As a number of you have made this change could you give me a hint please.
  21. tkdmike

    Duo Therm AC or Thermostat problem - Help?

    I have the Duo Therm Penguin with a Duo Therm digital thermostat in the front bedroom of the BH. Something is not functioning properly and I'm not sure if its a thermostat or AC unit issue and the service department at my dealer is closed today. The AC unit cycles strangely. It comes on and...
  22. JohnDar

    Thermostat Upgrade

    Following the tips on the forum, I replaced the Dometic analog thermostat with a digital Hunter today. Pretty simple job. $20 for the thermostat and $3 for the little switch at Radio Shack. I was not connected to shore power so I figured all was cool when I disconnected the OEM thermostat...
  23. A


    We visited the factory today and saw OUR new Grand Canyon in production. She'll be finished tomorrow. Very cool! DH and I think we saw a digital thermostat on the wall. (We asked for one when making final agreement with our dealer, and they said it wasn't available... Coleman analog was...
  24. B

    Electronic Thermostat ideas?

    I need an electronic thermostat for my 2998. My generator kicks the breaker if the compressor on the air conditioner cycles too fast. electronic thermostats have a three minute safey timer that would allow head pressure in the compressor to equalize and stop this problem. can you guys suggest...
  25. P

    Something to cover thermostat & fantastic fan

    We have a new Bighorn 3055 and we have a problem. Both the thermostat and fantastic fan controls are in the "hallway" over the steps in to the bathroom/bedroom area. It seems that we continually hit those controls when we carry something into or out of the bathroom/bedroom. We would like to...
  26. C

    Sundance heat & cool Thermostat

    :confused: Has anybody changed the thermostat on their Sundance, was wanting to know what thermostat you used and how you wired it in Thanks
  27. K

    Way to Override the Water Heater Thermostat Setting?

    We are a little disappointed in the hot water heater on our 31BHD. With the water heater capacity being limited to 6 gallons, I used to turn up the temperature on our last trailer so we'd use less hot water and more cold to prolong the length of shower time. This was especially helpful when...