tow vehicle

  1. akfoote

    flatbed, is it a possibility

    Hi all we are about a month out for picking up our Cyclone 4006. (newbie 5th wheel family) I'm looking at tow vehicles and one of them is a flatbed (not a hauler). I'm interested if anyone is towing a Cyclone or similar with a flatbed configuration. Will the height of the deck be too tall for...
  2. B

    New Owner: 21FBS + 2011 F150 Super Cab 4X4 RV Towing Recomendations

    We are new to RV towing and would like to get feedback on compatibility of our truck (2011 F150 V8 Super Cab 4X4 Factory Brake Controller) with a 2016 Heartland Northtrail 21FBS. Is the 2011 F150 a reasonable match for the 21FBS? Also looking for suggestions and feedback on: - Hitch...
  3. B

    Hail damage

    Hail damage has really messed up our 3250. DW wants to upgrade to Landmark. Unfortunately, I just bought a new 2014 F250 with 10'000# gvrw. Can my F250 diesel pull a key largo safely?
  4. P

    Cyclone 4018 Towing

    I am purchasing a 2014 Cyclone 4018 for my business and am wondering what the best two vehicle would be and what owners have actually used to tow it. The cargo weight will be about 2000#. Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.
  5. Nathan

    The confusion of towing, towing safety and limits of TV's

    Ok. So, I have only owned one other RV before I bought my new 30QOK. The dry weight on it is 5995 lbs and a tongue weight of 500 lbs. I own an 05 Tahoe 5.3 liter V8. It's GCVW is 13,000 and the TV curb weight is 4847. The total towing capacity is 7500 lbs. I am using a good Reese hitch...
  6. M

    Edge and a Honda Pilot

    Hi Everyone, I am new and want to see if you experienced people have any experience with the edge and a 1st gen honda pilot TV? 2003-2009 I believe or close to that year range. I would be pushing my tow limits with an edge and wanted to see what your experiences were. Thank you and much...
  7. beasleyrl

    For Sale: 2007 Chevy Silverado 3500 Classic DRW 4x4

    I am selling my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 classic dually 4x4 with approximately 50K miles. It is an LT3 model so it is fully equipped with leather interior, dual power heated seats, Bose sound system, multidisc CD player, XM, power sunroof, Duramax/Allison, Onstar, and rear seat video...
  8. Brad

    '07 Tacoma w/ North Trail 21FBS

    Howdy all, The wife and I just committed to a North Trail 21FBS. Tow vehicle is a 2007 Toyota Tacoma double cab 4x4 non-TRD. It has had the suspension TSB performed, meaning the 3-leaf springs have been replaced with 4 (as well as swapping in the stiffer TRD shocks). And of course we will be...
  9. M

    What type of Tow Vehicle for 2900MK?

    Hello, My husband and I are looking at various Heartland models, and like the 2900MK. We have been told a 3/4 ton truck will do the trick, but I wanted to ask on this forum as well. How many 2900MK owners have 3/4 ton vs. 1 ton? I wanted to opt for the XLT, but I like the roomier bedroom in...
  10. B

    Anolther Tow Question

    Hey everyone. I know this gets beat to death, but I also know there are a lot of people with good experience here that can help me out. I'm looking at getting a new 32BQSS. According to the info it weights 6950 pounds. The 6950 with my truck, kids and cap put me right at my 1/2 ton...
  11. dc1259

    Need Advice on a Towing Vehicle, Please

    Hey Ya'll, I have just purchased a Heartland Trailrunner 2700RLS, its weight is 6470lbs dry. Can anyone tell me what kind of Vehicle I will need to pull this TT. I have heard so many different opinions.:confused: Thanks so much, and Have a Wonderful 4th!! Blessings,None 1 lady, 1husband & 2...
  12. D


    We have a 2004.5 Dodge Ram, 4x4 diesel that has towed our smaller Jayco easily. Now that we're about to order the Bighorn 3055r come Monday, I'm wondering if this will be enough truck. The dealers are no help, we went to one today. Anyone out there tow with about the same setup? Thanks...
  13. B

    How much heartland can I tow??

    Hi guys, I am currently researching which 5th wheel to buy and I have been watching this forum for a while. I must say that the positive response to heartland trailers combined with a friends experience with his 3200 es has me leaning toward heartland. I have just purchased an 07 4x4 diesel...
  14. G

    Truck to tow Cyclone 4012

    Which truck can pull Cyclone 4012
  15. N

    Yukon Denali Towing North Trail 31QBS?

    Can someone please advise me here. We are looking to buy a North Trail 31QBS and our tv is a 2005 Yukon Denali. The GCWR is 14,000lbs (I'm getting that from the owners manual), the max trailer weight shows 7,900lbs and the 31QBS dry weight is 5390lbs. There are 5 members of our family and we...
  16. R

    What are you towing your Cyclone 4012 with

    This is a question for all of the Cyclone 4012 owners. What are you guys pulling your Cyclone 4012 with? Is anyone pulling with a single axle truck? I have Ford 2003 F-350 with a V-10. The V-10 doesn't have enough engine to pull the Cyclone 4012 up the big hills. It looks like it is time to upgrade.