1/2 Bath No water pressure T31 Torque

I have a Torque T31 with 1 1/2 bathrooms and there is NO Water Pressure to the 1/2 bath in the garage and the rest of the RV is just fine and it doesnt matter if it is using the freshwater tank and the pump or when using Full Hookups. What could be wrong? and how to fix it?


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Did you ever have good water flow/pressure to the 1/2 bath? If not, the PEX may be kinked and you'll need to open the underbelly to check it out.

If this is recent, are you in sub-freezing weather? There may be ice in that line.

If this is recent and you're not in cold weather, you may have crud blocking the water feed. You could try blowing it out with compressed air from the faucet end, with low point drains open. If it's a crud problem, make sure you have a sediment filter.


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Do you have good water pressure at the toilet?
If so you might want to clean the sediment filter on the end of the faucet.