2008 Big Country. Looking for wire schematic in living room and kitchen area bump out. Or help with wiring.


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Some details about request would be helpful for a reply.
I know of no schematic but many of us have tracked down issues so if we knew what you looking to accomplish…


Camper got blow out on drivers side under bump out. Power wire for the lights for the bump out got ripped out. Behind couch is a junction box. A Black and green wire went through floor and go to another box along rail. The box on the rail has110 power in it. I believe to two wire coming from behind couch are 12volt wire to run light in bump out. I don’t know how to wire the 12 volt to 110. Also at 110 box there is a blue and White wire that is hooked up to nothing. If anyone has experience with this I would appreciate it. Heartland will not give me wire schematic. Thanks


Pennsylvania Chapter Leaders-retired
I’ve had issue under the kitchen slide with the 12v wiring.
The 12v wiring on our ‘17 Bighorn exits the frame and is in the loom attached to the flat piece of carrying poly.
The 110v is the black extension cord like cable that comes from the rectangular junction box on the frame.

The lights should be 12v and any receptacles are obviously 110v. Two separate power sources
Do you have a volt meter or multi tool? I’d test wires to determine which wire is carrying 12v & 110v. It would be difficult to say what color wire does what IMO.
In our kitchen slide, I too have a junction box but it powers the 110v receptacles. The 12v wiring for the lights enters the bottom of the slide and continues up through the end wall cavity of the slide out. No junction box
Hope this helps. Others will likely chime in

Good luck