2008 Cyclone 4012 - hasty buy; regrets?


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Hello DonLisa,yes it sounds like you had a lot of work but overall your unit looks good,all the work is certainly worth the hassle,now you can enjoy.
Happy Camping


Try using Seafoam carb cleaner on your genset and then run a fuel stabilizer also check your altitude adjustment setting on the carb. For a tow hitch I recommend the Anderson hitch system (aluminum one). Works great and it is easy to remove after towing so you can have your truck bed back. I have a 2008 3795 that I bought new and I just finished putting a 2500 miles on her. No problems other than the minor house that rolls stuff. When you run the fuel stabilizer be sure to turn on your fuel pump and let it run for a couple of minutes back into your tank so that you clean out the pump. For the tie downs I have a 1500 pound side by side that I use the factory tie downs with and I haven't had a problem. Have fun traveling having a garage along with your house is great!


We have the Biker Bars for our motorcycles. They work great, but I still tie the bikes down. I also installed a winch to get the bikes up the ramp. I told my son that I knew he figured I was a wuss, but I knew it would be a matter of time that the unthinkable would happen and I'd lose one of them in the loading process. It works great...........the wife runs the control while I guide the bike up.