2012 Heartland Graystone GS33QS


Specs I’ve seen for the used 2012 Heartland Graystone GS33QS I bought say there is 1 - 80 gal grey holding tank.

I have 2 grey levers (grey #1 & grey #2) and 2 light indicators for grey.

Would it be one tank that is split into two compartments that I have are do I really have two tanks? If really two, any idea on the specs of each?


Jim Posz

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We have a Sundance of about that vintage. It has two separate 40 gallon grey tanks which each serve different fixtures. With our floor plan the front grey tank serves the bathroom sink and washing machine, while the rear grey tank serves the kitchen sink and bath tub. If you have a clear elbow or sleeve on your drain hose, you can figure out which tank serves which fixture using some food coloring put down the drain.


Bet your right on the setup. Never thought of that but may try the food coloring idea sometime to check it out. Thanks.