2013 37QB Bunk Room Fix and Hidden Storage


I have recently been working in the bunk room of my 2013 37QB and thought I would relate some information about slight modifications to the storage area around the TV at the rear of the unit.

We w did our first move I left cloths hanging in the rear closets The pole fell out and the supports came loose from the wall. I did the following to prevent it from happening again. I took off the side panels and installed a 1"x4" piece of wood vertically at the location where the pole support screws into the wall. This worked like a charm.

Also, I noticed that the bottom section of the center storage area over the TV would buckle with just a little weight. When I looked at it, I noticed that the floor board was installed from the bottom up to be sure and show a finished surface immediately above the TV. I wanted more support so I could put more weight in that storage space. When I removed the floor board from that storage section above the TV I discovered that there is an area behind the TV that is about 6" x 39" and pretty deep. It is a finished area that can be used for storage. It can also be used for concealed storage of valuables. When I replaced the flooring of the storage area I left it so I could pull up the boards and get access to the space if needed.

Just thought I would pass along what found.



Thanks for the tip Dan. I had never considered what is behind the TV area in back, but likely is a lot of wasted space as you indicate. We do have an outlet on that back panel but guessing that could be relocated very easily. I'll check it out. Always looking for more storage area.