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I am a travel nurse and my wife and I are in the process of purchasing a 2014(build 10/2013) from a family member. This coach has been kept inside an enclosed tractor barn in South Alabama, and has less than 4000 miles on the coach. It is in excellent shape because of this, but the more I read about Heartland, the more I fear that this might end up as a terrible purchase. The pro side is that we love the floorplan, and have not found another coach FP that we like as much. Here are the only issues that I have seen with the unit since I have had a chance to look it over with an educated eye.

There is a 4" crack under the bedroom slide coming out at a 45 degree angle. It has been sealed with clear silicone.
The caulking on the front cap is deteriorating in places, leaving .25" gaps in some places. I plan to seal this immediately if purchased.

I have not been up on the roof yet. What would I look for up there?

The thing that I am most worried about is that there is the tiniest bit of flex under the outside outlet in between the speakers. It looks like there was never any sealant put around the outlet cover. The area of slight flex is about 4" wide under the outlet, and about 8" down the sidewall. Does this seem like a problem that will get worse? If I seal around the outlet really well, should that prevent any further problem? Is there a better sealant to use other than clear silicone?

Also the gas line that runs the length of the coach is rusted. It runs from where it connects to the propane tanks to the back where it has a plug for a portable propane grill. Is is normal for this pipe to rust? Why did they not used galvanized?

Overall the inside and outside condition is excellent for a seven year old coach, and we would be purchasing it at a significant discount from what a new 5ver that size would cost.
I appreciate any and all comments and suggestions, and any thoughts on our possible purchase. I would love to post pics, but I haven't figured that out yet.
The range of travel for my work would be Nashville, TN down to Jacksonville, FL, with the coach being moved about every three months or so. So much less than 5000 miles a year.
Thanks for your advice,
David West


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Hi David,

The crack under the bedroom slide needs further investigation as do the 1/4" gaps and apparent flex around the outlet. Even though long out of warranty, Heartland may agree to correct these things if they're due to a structural problem.

One test you should do with the current owner is to hitch the trailer to the tow vehicle. Take pictures of each side, up front, with the trailer supported by it's jacks, and then supported by the truck. If there's any change in the cracks or gaps, it would indicate flex in the upper frame. If there's as much as 1/4" movement, tape a ruler next to the area that moves and retake pictures so the movement is measured. If there's no movement, the outlet and cap caulking may just be cosmetic. The camera should be on a tripod or other stationary surface.

The crack by the slide needs to be evaluated. Sometimes that can be caused by a broken weld on the upper aluminum wall structure.

It's always more difficult for a 2nd owner to get help from the factory as warranties and goodwill accommodations rarely extend to subsequent owners. The current owner should call Heartland Customer Service at (574) 262-8030 or (877) 262-8032 with VIN # and pictures ready. Start by asking what causes what you're seeing and let the Heartland Rep do most of the talking. Ask how these things can be remedied. The last thing is to ask whether Heartland can help with repairs.

Your family member should want to do this regardless of whether you buy the trailer.

Good luck.


Thank you for the input. I will talk to them about all of these things. I will do my best to measure any differences.


Hello again.
There is no flex or difference in the size of the crack under the bedroom slide and the front cap doesn't flex when the trailer is hitched or unhitched. There is no visible difference in the crack or where the caulk has separated. So that is good.
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