2014 Heartland bighorn 36tb- surge protector



Any help would be appreciated.

I am looking to install a hardwired EMS-HWC50C into my 5th. I am just wondering where the control box that you connect it is? I am assuming in the lower storage area but don't wanna have to take apart every panel. Does anyone know specifically where it is or where its best to make the attachment.

Thanks so much for any knowledge.


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Hi! I installed a Progressive Industries EMS-HWC50C in my 2008 Bighorn within a couple of years of purchasing it. I bought it from the company at the Quartzite RV rally tent. I installed it myself.

The big question to ask is: Does your rig have a Generator, system (not just refrigerator) inverter, or Generator Prep package? The Progressive module is not friendly to any power sources that are not pure sine wave (most inverters, and some generators). With clean pure sine wave power you can install the Progressive box AFTER the transfer switch. If pure sine wave power is not expected, you should install the Progressive box just on the shore power line before the transfer switch. If no transfer switch box , the back of the storage compartment is still the best place. If you have a transfer switch, putting the 2 boxes near each other makes things simpler.

Be sure to make the extra effort to install the Charge Wizard readout pendant inside your trailer where you can easily see it. Knowing your electrical situation (especially total amps draw in a 30 amp service site) is really handy. Also being able to bypass the box protection relay with the flip of a switch from inside has helped me on rare occasion.

I did a You Tube search for installation videos on this, and there a multiple ones to choose from: https://www.youtube.com/results?sea...progressive+hwc-50+ems+in+a+5th+wheel+trailer