2014 Wilderness 2650BH


Good day,
My family just picked up our first travel trailer about a week ago. We found a good price on a 2014 Wilderness 2650BH and have already been able to get it out for a weekend at Lake Jennings. So far we are happy with our trailer, and think it will work well for our family.

A couple things I want to chase down.
- The Boss radio. Is there a way on the 2014 model to turn off the outside speakers? I cannot find a way to adjust Fade (only Balance)
- Bugs and pests. Are there any tricks people use? I was thinking of having the guy who sprays my house come out and do an inside and outside treatment on the trailer.
- Roof sealing. I know that I will need to reseal the roof eventually. Is it safe to get up on the roof of the Wilderness? The roof is curved and when I bought the trailer, the guy said it was not a walk-on roof. I am currious if this is accurate and how others maintain their roof.


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As far as bugs go I am hoping you just want to keep them out now and do not currently have an infestsation. What I do is keep a small bottle of Bug Stop in the nose and then once set up spray anything touching the ground. That seems to keep most of the ground bugs out. For flying bugs (especially at night) we do not turn on the pouch light and keep the windows closed especially the top vents. For some reason on our North Trail the bugs get in from the top if we leave the vents open at night.

Over the winter make sure to take all the food stuff out and that should help with mice and what not.

Hope you enjoy your new rig.