2017 2850BH rear ladder installation


I want to install an exterior ladder on the back of our trailer and was wondering if the factory has built in extra support in the roof and wall for this and if so what location.

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Was this question ever answered? I have the same question. I have a 2018 Northtrail 22RBK and want to install a ladder on the rear left side. If there Is no wood backing I would at least like to know the stud layout.


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If the RV didn't come with a ladder, odds are high there is no sufficient studs/material to mount one safely. I have a ladder on my Bighorn, but I use this ladder all the time. I can use it anywhere I need...not just to access the roof. Great for clearing off slide-outs or cleaning/washing the front cap after long trip and lots of bug guts...LOL



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I'll second Oregon_Camper's comments. Roof mounted ladders flex quite a bit at the roof mount. If there's no back plate, and there probably is not, mounting a ladder will just tear up your roof. Get a telescoping ladder that's gets you to the roof safely and is rated for your weight.