2017 Bighorn Traveler 39MB - Why No A/C vent in Middle Bunk Room???


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I have to confirm NYS issue...I am using an iPad and, on certain photos, I need to backup completely and restart looking at the thread to continue. On these photos, I can’t see a “previous, next, or close” button so have to do the back button until I am at the original listing of threads and start over. Some photos work just as Jim and Dave indicate but, some do not. I thought it was just an issue with my iPad.


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Thanks Lou (iPad) Does it work better on a laptop for you guys?

NYS - can you advise as to what device and browser you're using?


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And are you using Tapatalk or the web version of the forum?

I use Tapatalk on my iPhone exclusively. Scrolling and zooming in on photos is simple easy

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I'm unsubscribing from this thread, to many off topic posts. If anyone has questions on how to do this repair, send me a PM.