2018 Terry Classic V21 - looking for info

We have a sale pending on 2018 Terry Classic V21. We have since realized that its cargo carrying capacity seems super low. The GVWR on this single axle trailer is 5600, but GAWR is 5100. Dry weight of the trailer is already 4460. It seems as if we fill the fresh tank and the dual propane, we have already chewed up close to 450 lbs. Collectively we weigh 250 lbs. so now that's 700 lbs. That seems to say that even without loading a single thing into the trailer other than water propane and ourselves, we have already exceeded the GAWR.

I hope someone would be able to correct my thinking.


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Hi Fearless,

On a tow-behind trailer, you'll typically have close to 15% of the GVWR sitting on the hitch, with 85% on the axle. So if the trailer GVWR is 5600, that would be about 840 lbs on the hitch and 4760 on the axle. If your axle is rated for 5100 lbs, you have some margin, even when fully loaded at 5600.

You don't have to count your own weight because when towing, your weight is on the tow vehicle's axles, not the trailer axle. I doubt the addition of your weight makes any difference to the trailer when parked. The forces involved when you go over bumps in the road far exceed 2 people sitting in the trailer.
Thank you danemayer, that helps. This would be our first TT and have never towed before so I appreciate any assistance. We have put deposit but not taken delivery. I would not generally tow full of water, I was concerned about overloading the trailer...in tow and at rest. I am also trying to make sure that the tow vehicle is going to comfortably tow and maneuver the TT. The TT has a tongue weight of 780 listed which seems pretty high for TT weighing 4460. We have a 2016 RAM 1500 Sport CC 4x4, 5.7 Hemi 5'7" box, A8 8HP70 transmission with the 3.92 rear end. Stock tires were changed to Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac one size up, Linex spray in bedliner, Extang Trifecta tonneau and full side steps. I am guessing those items weigh maybe an extra 200 lbs on top of whatever the true delivered weight was. Then add on whatever the WD hitch would. Does it seem reasonable that this TV would tow the TT with ease? Seems like we would be coming close to if not over the payload.

The 2016 RAM 1500 Trailer Towing Chart - SAE J2807 Compliant shows the following for this vehicle.

GVWR = 6900
Payload = 1520
Front GAWR = 3,900
Rear GAWR = 3,900
GCWR = 15,950
Max Trailer Weight Rating = 10,160


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A quick pass on the truck and trailer specs, it looks like you're ok on both payload and towing as long as you don't load the bed of the truck with bricks.
It sure seems like this trailer tongue heavy. Anyone have the actual tongue weight of their trailer? I have a couple of concerns about Paylod capacity for my truck