2019 Heartland F250 ToyHauler AC ducting


Hi everyone! Just purchased a F250 ToyHauler from original owner and when testing the AC system, I noticed no air coming out of one complete side of vents? The seller claimed the factory told him those vents were intended for a pre-plumbed ac system in the bedroom. I said okay and bought it. When I got it home I noticed theres no pre-plumbed area in the bedroom? Also a 27" shouldn't need another AC? I opened the Dometic Brisk cover and discovered that side of ducting had been taped off because the factory installer didn't line up the ducting to the AC cool air intake! Ya, instead of fixing it, just taped over it! I found old rags placed in the cut-out where the duct was supposed to go to prevent cool air from going into the ceiling place! I contacted Heartland tech support and informed them of the problem and was also told about an additional AC unit? I told them "no it's not pre-plumbed"! They said they would forward my request to engineering for follow-up? Still waiting, but wanted to know if anyone else has had the same problem. I was considering using the RV Air conversion system and informed them of my problem... They were very helpful but need me to relocate that taped-over vent to the spot Heartland screwed up! I'm pretty sure they will say it's out of warranty etc! Does anyone else have that problem? I recommend before purchasing any Heartland RV be sure to check all the vents for airflow! Thx Bill


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