2019 M312 Marker Light Replacement


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What style of marker light? If the small round light, go to TSC (Tractor Supply Co.). They have a couple of different styles available.


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I've had good luck finding exact replacement parts on etrailer.com. They had a replacement marker light for our Cyclone, as well as ceiling lights for the interior.
I ordered these from eTrailer and they worked well. They don't completely cover the hole, but it is open to the road on the back side, so it doesn't really matter. I plan to 3D print some covers to go on the inside in the future. I did wire them backwards the first time and blew the fuse in the tow vehicle, so if you install them and all your marker lights quit working check the wiring.

Side Note: When you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, you never will the first time 🤣❗

MCL44RBOptronics LED Trailer Clearance or Side Marker Light w/ Reflex Reflector - 6 Diodes - Red Lens


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Most all external highway lighting have DOT type numbers printed or embossed on them, on the back, on the lens, or inside. Do a websearch on these DOT numbers to find suppliers.