2020 Fuel 352 cable tv issues

I'm looking for the coax cable routing (diagram) for our 2020 Fuel 352 toy hauler.

I sent a request to Heartland a week ago and got zero response.

There are 5 cable inlet connections on this rig. Not one of them marked. There are 3 cable outlets in the living room area. 2 outlets in the garage, 2 outlets in the under belly.

I have connected to all 5 outside connections and all 3 in the living area in every conceivable combination. Had the rig at Camping World for other issues and had them check it. "No problems found".

If I can get a coax diagram I can figure out the issue.

Thanks for listening.


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On our Road Warrior, in the wet bay area, is where the connections are located. If this is the same on your Fuel, on the inside of that door is a small diagram that tells you what the connections are. Our door opens up, so I had to look above my head, assuming your setup is the same once the door is open, look at the inside of it.


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Okay, the 4 connections across the top go to satellite connections. Then, the one below is for the cable connections. This is how the Road Warrior is setup.
I bought one of these to help chase the cables:
Some will say these don't work thru splitters, but I did not have an issue.

Just got back and checked the setup:
across the top it goes:
1) sat to bdrm TV
2) sat loop in roof
3) sat loop in roof
4) sat to Main TV (1)

the bottom connection says: CATV
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Here is the latest Road Warrior (2017) coax diagram in our library, going on David-Steph2018's posting about the Road Warrior maybe being like your Fuel. https://manuals.heartlandowners.org/manuals/Electronics/Coax_Layouts/Cyclone_Road_Warrior/Coax - Cyc RW TQ Edge - new2, recd. 7-25-17.pdf

BTW, if you are troubleshooting "Cable" signals, YOU DO have the wallplate amplifier OFF (no LED lit on amplifier wallplate)? , These OTA signal amplifiers do not have the electronic bandwidth to pass the cable/satellite signals. When the amplifier wallplate is OFF, the "Cable" input signal is shunted by a relay to the wallplate output jack, and the OTA antenna input is not connected.
(OTA is lingo for Over The Air standard -terrestrial- TV broadcast signal).


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Before you start, get the little paper tags with string attached to them. So, when you get in there, you can write on the tag and attach it to cable. This method will help later if you need to work on the system.


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Attached is a photo of the TV cabling schematic for our’17 Bighorn. Hopefully it’ll help you out
We lost our OTA signal this past week. The first thing I checked, then replaced upon discovering its failure, was the 6 yr old splitter off the OTA feed to the two TVs


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