2021 Cyclone Interior 3413, 3713, 4006, 4007


This is surprisingly not easy to find and I have been confused because I see some 2021’s (3713’s) on dealer lots with brown interiors. Turns out those are last production runs before they made the changes.
Here are the two new color options across Cyclone models 3413, 3713, 4006, and 4007.
Nola and Luna Frost
Very similar with either option as 3 of 4 of the swatches are the same but the ratio of each material used changes the overall vibe.


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Here are the colors on the Hearland video. This particular video shows LUNA FROST. Both color options incorporate the lighter color palette that is seen in this video. The Luna Frost color coordinates consist of: Charney/Twilight Faux Leather, which is seen in this video on the sofa at 3:02, Mimulus/White which can be seen on the cabinetry at 3:43 in this video, Deer Park/Onyx Faux Leather which can be seen above the doorway at 7:41 in this video and Cliffoney/Meteorite which you can catch the tiniest glimpse of at 8:19 to the right of the microwave, a slim trim piece at the lower edge, this material is found in other places but the most prominent you can find in photos is in the garage area as trim as you enter the loft.
The Nola color palette is a 3 out of 4 match to Luna Frost, the difference being Seaport/Licorice Faux Leather on the sofa which is darker than Luna Frost, the other three swatches carry over but the mix and prominence of each other color used keeps the overall palette light, bright and fresh.
So you get the same vibe out of each color option, to over-simplify it’s a choice between a lighter gray sofa and a darker charcoal sofa, but let me be clear, each choice gives its own unique look due to how much of each of the four color swatches is used.
Here’s my take: You can’t go wrong either way, this is a fresh design and it will hold up to the test of time, if you are looking for oaks and cherry’s and browns this isn’t for you. I think they’ve absolutely nailed it.
There is no reference whatsoever to Aspen Grey when choosing options on a custom build, it can only apply to the flooring/carpet which IS NOT a selectable option when ordering, it just goes with both Nola and Luna Frost options.
The confusion for me has been when looking into dealer stock for a 2021 Cyclone I’m seeing brown, brown cabinetry, brown carpet, brown sofas, that’s out, these were last units built before they transitioned to Nola and Luna Frost across certain Cyclone models.
Hope this helps somebody.