2021 Goshen Rally - Team Lead Role Opportunity - Lifestyle Presentations Coordinator

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Hello Heartlanders,

Each year at the North American Heartland Owners Rally for many years running now, we host what we call "Lifestyle Presentations". These presentations differ from the technical presentations we also host in that these are less about operation and maintenance of your RV and more about what you do within and outside of your RV Lifestyle.

As an example-only, here's a link to the 2019 Lifestyle Presentations schedule. This schedule shows what was presented on in 2019 (for reference only).

We are looking for a person to coordinate the Lifestyle Presentations program.

Here's a brief description of the role:

Lifestyle Presentations Coordinator

  • Reach out to Heartlanders and outside parties that may be interested in presenting on a lifestyle activity
  • Create a presentations schedule (days / times) based on confirmed presentations
  • Setup presentations room (tables, chairs, audio, etc.)
  • Introduce presenters, start seminars, end seminars
  • Recruits and trains other members of this team (primarily as seminar starters)
  • Assists all other teams as necessary
Have I described you? If you have an interest in this role, click here to email Jim Beletti with your nomination.

Thanks and see you Goshen!
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