2021 Goshen Rally Volunteer Needed: Foods / Catering / Decorating Coordinator

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Hello Heartlanders,

For those of you planning to attend the 14th National Rally of the Heartland Owners Club next June, we are looking for volunteer leaders in a couple of areas.

Producing an event of this size (225-275 rigs / 450-550 people) requires good planning and qualified/strong leadership. Most of the leaders I seek will be volunteers. All volunteer positions (leaders and contributors) are unpaid positions. The satisfaction of serving your fellow Heartlanders will be your reward.

Over the many years I've been in charge of this event, I have developed specific roles for team leads in various areas. In this thread, I am looking for a Foods / Catering / Decorating Coordinator. This is a lead role and the person who is chosen for it will be part of the rally Core-Team.

Do you enjoy serving others and pleasing people? Below are are some bullet points that describe the role.

Foods / Catering / Decorating Coordinator

  • Works with Rally Master and chosen Caterer to develop menus for catered meals
  • Works with Rally Master to develop menus for non-catered meals
  • Does shopping for supplies needed for decorating, table settings and non-catered meal ingredients
  • Dresses, decorates and maintains tables in rally hall
  • Acts as liaison with Caterer
  • Assists with serving at meals
  • Recruits and trains other members of this team
  • Assists all other teams as necessary
This is not a solo effort. The Coordinator will develop their own small team of assistants to help whenever / wherever necessary.

Prior catering, large kitchen, serving experience is not a requirement for this role - though these experiences can be helpful.

Have I just described you! If I have, please send me an email to introduce and nominate yourself. I will review all nominations and get back to each with any questions I may have and I'll notify all nominees when a selection has been made.

Thank you!
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