3110DS DC outlet, where is it?


Well I looked all over the unit and did not see it. Did a forum search for 'dc outlet location' no help there. There is a fuse for it on the DC panel.

We're headed up to Ocean Shores Wa for the bike rally on Monday. Maybe we'll see some heartlands up there. Then over to Glaicer NP, Yellowstone and the NP's in southern Utah, then back home to Pahrump, NV.


Big G

Big G
DC Circuit

I went out to look in my '08 3212 and low and behold I can't find mine either. Although the manual says there is one inside and one outside the unit. They must be well hidden. I've not needed the outlet yet, but we're headed for Sturgis on the 31st and then on to Yellowstone.
I'm sure Sandee will want to use it for the laptop, oh well I'll have to install one. Regards, Big G:cool:
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Thanks guys. I double checked the tv area in the bedroom, no luck, just 2 cable outlets, phone outlet and 2 ac outlets.

Big G, Yall have fun at Sturgis, maybe we'll cross paths some where around Yellostone.