3300CK Flying Ice Cubes

Ray LeTourneau

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It's a pretty helpless situation for sure. Can't stop Mother Nature. Hopefully any damage is covered and you'll be back to camping soon.


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WOW, your lucky that there was not a tornado behind that. You guys must have done something bad to the weather gods. It looks like your neighbors yard did not have any hail on it. Hope your Sundance was damaged too bad.


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Hope your rig didn't get messed up too bad. We had one of those spotty hail storms a few years ago. Got some houses and not others. Got ours for $18K worth of residing. Aluminum looked like the Screaming Meemies attacked with ball peen hammers. Good to have insurance.


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We had a pretty monster hail storm go through Denver today.

The worst of it missed our house, but not far from here it tore up a whole neighborhood!

Here is a shot from one of the local TV stations (click on to enlarge):


Notice that the upstairs windows are smashed out.

The whole neighborhood looked like that . . . and many houses worse than that one!


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We were at Mueller State Park CO today and had quarter size hail. Lost the vent over the bedroom.


Moved on to the next thing...
We were at Mueller State Park CO today and had quarter size hail. Lost the vent over the bedroom.

That is one of the campgrounds on our list to stay at soon!

We were gonna' go there this year, but saw that there was road construction going on there so we decided to do Mueller next summer instead.

We'll be arriving at Cheyenne Mountain this coming Monday, however!

Our old trailer had heavy hail damage . . . we lost a couple of vent covers and some glass by hail in the old beast.

Here she is in a tornado/hail storm in Pueblo, Colorado a few years back getting the old 'Hail' Mary!

TornadoStormCloudCamper-P1030094.jpg TornadoStormCloud-P1030095.jpg

I managed to get the truck under the awning at a gas station just before the fun started.


The insurance guy was out yesterday. He has to crunch the numbers yet.....
But both he and I are VERY impressed with how well the trailer weathered.
The fiberglass is perfect all the way around. Roof is fine.
Damage is limited to the lower tin skirting on the slides, (2) window frames, and the bath vent. (It did not break, but shows stress marks.)

My cars which were parked just feet away did not fair as well. My Mazda van is totalled with $8100 damage and Corolla has over $7000 damage. House and garages are a mess also.
I'm very thankfull for the quality materials and craftmanship that went into this trailer! The repairs will be quick and easy.

We are loaded and heading out for the week-end for some de-stressing!
**Edit....my Duramax was in the garage FYI ;)**