A/C wired wrong????


I have my 2019 cyclone in for A/C repairs with a local Heartland rep. The center A/C has been replaced (under warranty) and the garage A/C is being replaced. However, received call from service tech charging me 250 for a rewire of garage unit as it came from factory hardwired and it should not have been. ??? Anyone heard of this and if so, should I be paying as I didn’t hardwire it. Shady repair place. Been in shop for 7 months for two A/C’s and a TV dish that won’t stop spinning.


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Your 2019 probably has the Precision Circuits Power Control System that automatically sheds loads in a programmed sequence if power consumption exceeds available power. So for example, when on generator, or when plugged into 30 amp service, the PCS system may cut power to 1 or 2 A/C units. Earlier builds had a physical switch that supplied power to 2 of the 3 A/C units; which 2 depending on how the switch was set. So when they say it was hard-wired, they may be familiar with the switch approach, and not familiar with the PCS device. The PCS system shuts off compressors as necessary, not by actually cutting power, but by simulating a freeze condition.

Here's some documentation.


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Our 2018 Road Warrior is set up with the PCS system as described above.
Up in the tools section is a description of the PCS. It is several years old but it will give you an ideal of how it works:

If your Cyclone has the PCS system, which it probably does since our Road Warrior does, I would provide the service tech with some "bathroom reading material".