A little late...but... Picture of our Gateway


Picture is a little late as we have had the 3200 for about 2 months now. Jenni and I traded in a 2008 SOB ToyHauler and couldn't be happier with our new Heartland Gateway. Haven't done many mods yet to make it ours but have put in Outside LED strip lighting and swapped the POS "Sansui" TV with a 46" Samsung LED Smart TV. Next will most likely be upgrading tires to G rated to get rid of the TowMax.


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We really don't have many inside pics...or actually any pics yet!

I think pic is from our "shake down cruise" behind our barn on generator to make sure we had no problems before leaving for an event in SC 2 days after picking up the Gateway.

I won't say the Gateway was an impulse buy...as we had looked last year just for the fun of it. But Jenni walked through this unit while I was having the damage done by tire that had tread separation appraised on our 5 year old SOB ToyHauler. When I came back into the show room she was standing in front of this unit with a smile on her face...I then realized I would be opening up my wallet... :)

Children are grown and married off...so our current "child" (4.5 year old rescue mutt, but the best dog we have ever had) also approves of the new accommodations! Funny, while visiting my elderly parents in Ohio two weekends ago it was cool enough to use the fireplace for warmth..."Topaz" loves to lay in front of the fireplace in our house when we have a fire, I was very surprised when she pulled her bed over in front of the fake fire when I turned it on!

Lastly...how can any one resist this look of wanting to be allowed to come up and lay oh her blanket on the couch?




The first dog that was all "mine" was a blue tick GSH with a perfectly shaped white diamond on the top if her head, giving her the name - "Diamond"