A lot of wasted space behind wall of re275. Ideas for adding door or small shelves?


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Hi. Got bored camping today and decided to investigate what was behind this wall holding up the tv in the pioneer re275. See attached picture. If you can tell look on the left of the fridge and on the right of the fridge. No idea why they did this..the wall is spaced out about a foot from another fully finished wall behind it..I took out the outlet and could see behind it. This goes from the shelf to the ceiling. So it is about 1x5x5 area behind the tv just wasted. I want to either add a hole to the outside with a door like the pass through storage has..but I don't know how to miss the wood or if it's not critical can just add headers and cut it. Or I may just cut something on the inside and add some small shelves or something. Not planning to load it with anything heavy but it just bothers me so much space was wasted. I don't know why they just didn't set the tv back farther but anyway I didn't design it. Thanks for any ideas. Mark.


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