AC Thermostat and control board upgrade


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I currently have a 2019 Heartland Prowler Lynx 25LX with a Dometic B57915.XX1J0 non-ducted rooftop AC installed. I also have a standard "heat only" furnace/thermostat (see picture). I have been doing some extensive research and I would like to install a "digital" thermostat so that when we run the AC it can shut off when its at a specific temp, etc..

I have found this Dometic part 3316230.714 which says its compatible with my AC unit. Has anyone had any experience installing this control board and thermostat? I assume it would replace the old heat only thermostat I have now? Also, I did read about a Bluetooth one, but I assume the Bluetooth is only for the thermostat, not the control board? Having a celling mounted unit now, there would be no wiring from where the AC unit is to where the thermostat is. Is there any type of wireless relay that can go between these so that I don't have to cut into the RV or run any wiring?

Any advise or recommendations would be much appreciated.


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