Accessory Reciever Capacity


Not sure this is in the correct area. I have a 2022 Bighorn 3300dl we just purchased. Information from the dealer has been very unrealiable to say the least. I have searched the interweb to find the wgt capacity for the 2" receiver on the back and I can't find it. Does any one here know where I can find that info or know the capacity. I want to carry my EU7000is Gen back there but it weighs in at 250+ on its own before the carrier. The hitch is a 2" and welded to the frame but I see so many other brands are limited to a few hundred pounds. I wish I could find some info stating exactly what Bighorn rates this one at.
I tried to do a search on here and it keeps saying server error... I'm sure I am doing something wrong.
Thank you in advance



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call Heartland customer service & have the last 6 numbers of your VIN handy, they should be able to tell you