Actual owners manual for 3750FL


Today I took possession of a 2015 Bighorn 3750FL..

Is there an actual manual that shows what all the various switches, plug-ins, etc in the trailer....

It would be nice if I knew where water pump is; or just where everything is....

How do I plug in CG cable??

The list goes on and on... probably silly questions to most of you but very important to me..

After coming out of a Class A diesel pusher is had for 11 years and knew every inch of it, I feel kinda lost...


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you can find the Owners Manual above Tools tab--Heartland Trailer Manuals---2015---trailers 2015_ owners_manuals. Hope this helps


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Those are not silly questions. Manufactures make changes all the time to their products so they would be reprinting manuals all the time.
If you have specific questions about something, find the appropriate forum and ask away.
As Dahillbilly mentioned check out the manuals in the Tools section located in the menu bar located at the top of each forum page.



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When we purchased our 2018 Road Warrior, new, over 3/4 of the switches were NOT labeled. We had to use a label maker and make labels for switches. The water pump is probably behind the basement wall near where the water inlet is located.


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There are a large number of user guides that address many of the things not covered in the Heartland manuals. The Bighorn is very similar to the Landmark, so you'll likely find the Landmark user guide particularly helpful, except of course for the 10% that deals with Landmark exclusive features. You can find the user guides here.