Advice on purchasing a 2018 Heartland 21FBS


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About two weeks ago we looked at used RVs for someone else and I think that's about the ballpark price they seem to be running right now. With that said though I also noticed for about 5-10K more you could get a brand new one (the market on new ones started to open up at 30K from the research we did) granted that doesn't take into account the stuff you'd still have to pay for such as tags etc.

We owned a Mallard M33 (bumper pull) prior to purchasing our Bighorn Traveller (5th wheel) and we really like the Heartland brand and so far have had great luck as fulltimers living in both.

I'm not sure what forum section it's located in on here but there should be a walk through checklist of items to look at prior to purchasing one. Looking at the pictures that one looks to be well taken care of but some quick stuff I'd recommend looking at would be delamination on the exterior, any water leaks or water damage to include under the sinks, check the AC and furnace and the hot water tank, and the roof to make sure there are no tears in the roof membrane and that the skylights aren't broken there's much more to look at than just that stuff but those are usually the hotspots I start with.

Good luck on your potential purchase!

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I would highly recommend getting it inspected by a certified inspector. I wish I had done this on the first RV we purchased which was used and had water damage I missed, and also our current RV, which was new but had a laundry list of issues I had to fix.

In terms of pricing, I would see where the value falls within NADA, and then determine if you are comfortable with where it is in the price range. If the inspection turns up any issues, use that to your advantage to negotiate a lower price.