Airxcel 4800 13.5 series air conditioner


My 2013 Trail Runner, Airxcel 4800 13.5 series, air conditioner isn’t cooling. The unit is blowing cool air, not cold. I’ve messed with thermostat, cleaned filter, and cleaned the roof unit. Instead of spending money on things that, MIGHT, fix it, which I’ve tried. I’m looking into purchasing the upper roof unit. This isn’t as easy as I thought from google. Various units and sizes are brought up. Can I get any advice or tips from any of the members? Thanks


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My advice would be to find the plate on the unit with the model number and serial number. Next contact Airxcel Coleman/Mach : Service phone number: [FONT=&quot](316) 832-4357[/FONT] They should be able to help you by identifying the part number you need, then search that number on the internet.