ALF's Landmark Newport Modifications


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MOD: Add Closet Light Switch next to Clothes Closet

Fellow Landmark owner and friend, Jim B and I shared a common modification goal of wanting to add a local switch for the clothes closet in the front cap area of our Landmark Newports. We noodled some ideas and settled on the following plan:
1a. Swap power circuits between the outdoor USB port and the closet lighting
1b. End up powering the closet lighting from the DC circuit that feeds the outdoor USB port for the Landmark owner name sign and powering the outdoor USB port from the original closet lighting circuit.
2. Add a light switch to the closet wall near the end of the bathroom countertop.

We did this mod today and the end result was great. Sue and I can now switch the closet lights on “right at the closet” and we can now switch our outdoor Landmark name sign on/off using the former closet lighting switch on the multiplex switch panel in the bedroom.

To facilitate the wiring, we removed the shoe shelving unit in the front closet (6 screws and it pulls out easily). While the shelving unit was out, I took the opportunity to double the amount of fiberglass insulation in the front cap.

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Nice Mod but I wonder why was there no switch there to start with?
I can give you the unofficial answer... Because all other LM floor plans have the closet "in" the bedroom. So that is how they have KIB program the multiplex lighting system. The 5 position switch in the bedroom has a Closet light switch on it and that works for all other LM floor plans except the Newport.

Unsure if Andy plans to remove that switch from the multiplex system and add a point-of-use switch next to the closet for the Newport. We'll ask him when we see him in Tampa in 10 days.


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MOD: Replaced steps to bedroom

Removed old steps and replaced with wood tread steps to allow for a deeper tread. Will be changing from oak to maple so that it is a better color match.
1) remove vinyl and unscrew step
2) remove drawer
3) remove drawer runners and 1" piece of wood
4) reinstall drawer runners 1 inch lower than previous location
5) glue and fasten newly finished stair treads
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Looks good - how many inches did you gain on depth of step and are they slippery in sock feet?

Sorry for the delay in responding...just saw this.

Gained about 2" in depth and we do not find that they are slippery in sock feet. I used a satin finish...not a high gloss finish. May make a difference.


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Mod: Added Lights to MORryde Steps

Light up entry steps after adding MORryde storage box.
Step Lights Finished.jpg
Process Summary
Installed 4 LED blue lights above each stair tread.

Parts used

  • 4x RV Marine Boat Trailer Led Blue Oblong Courtesy Light 3" SS Trim Black Finish, Marine LED Oblong Courtesy Lights, 3"by1.25" SS Rim - 1 requiredStep Lights1.jpg

  • BatteryMINDer EZC-01 Universal Flush-Mountable EZ Connector - with 4 Mounting Screws - 2 required

  • West Florida Components 2 Pin Quick Disconnect Wire Harness SAE Connector Bullet Lead Cable (12 AWG) - 1 required

    Step Lights.jpg

Process Details
  1. Drill hole above each tread (lights determine size of hole)
  2. Connect wires from all 4 lights together
  3. Drill hole on the outside of steps for EZ Connector
  4. Connect lights to EZ Connector
  5. Drill in RV skirting for 2nd EZ Connector
  6. Connect to power as you prefer (Coming Soon - I will be installing a switch just inside RV door towards floor)
  7. Connect 2 Pin Disconnect cord between the 2 EZ Connectors
Note: Be sure to unplug cord when storing steps.
The reason I did it this way is so that there is no cord to get pinched when storing or bringing steps down.
Step Lights5.jpgStep Lights4.jpgStep Lights3.jpgStep Lights2.jpg


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Love it. Great modification for lighting the steps. Thanks for sharing.


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Great mod Paul. It was even cooler to see in person at Stone Mountain. Thanks for sharing the pics and project details.

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