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The reason we spent on the LG is it was not very expensive. We carry a reasonable amount of cloths and towels. We do not have dirty clothes piling up. I dont have to wait for a dryer to come available and feed it many coins to dry my cloths. I can also wash and dry them anytime I feel like it. We travel with our dogs so they are pleased when we are hanging out in the RV. Our truck has no trouble pulling our 5th wheel so added weight is not noticeable. We are planning a 7 month trip in it so it will work perfectly for our life style. So that is why we got one. I really dislike laundry matts and have to wait at campground laundry machines.


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The DW and I have NEVER understood the philosophy behind so many members here and their trailer washer/dryers. They cost a lot of money, add a lot of dead towing weight, take up very valuable internal real estate, and are not boondocking friendly.

We have 4 weeks worth of clean clothes stocked and go to the laundromat about every 3 weeks.....spend $20-25 and 1 1/2 hours washing, drying, folding while reading our forums in between stints. When we are done, we go treat ourselves with a beer or ice cream.

Some of the members here wash/dry every day....for 3 hours?....just wow!

We didn't either for the first three years of our full-timing. We don't boondock and stay at enough places with sewer hookups that we can do our laundry once a week or so to keep up with it.

I guess what put us over the threshold was the number of really scummy laundromats we've been too over the years. We just got back from another one this evening (we're in a water/electric site for two weeks and trying to conserve gray tank space for showers).

I will add to this and say that we prefer our all-in-one VENTED unit over a stackable (space) or non-vented (time).


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Although we’re not full-timers, we can spend anywhere from two to five weeks at our rig. We use our combo washer/dryer on those days where the weather is lousy, or we just don’t feel like doing much, or maybe I’m doing maintenance on something.

I really don’t want to babysit the machines in a laundromat, sitting on a hard plastic chair for hours. To each his own.

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Some people love being boxed in, in a campground with a neighbor 5' away..
Not my type of fun.. I prefer to have no one within 100' of my camp space..

Washer/dryers are for those that love the 5' rule

I will take a laundromat for 1.5 hours every three weeks to seeing a neighbor 5' away..

I love going commando..and never have to pull the curtains..

Love the laundromats that have bars in the them best.

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Didn’t know there was so many different opinions on washer/dryers in rv. It’s nice we choices.

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We have a two in one washer/dryer combo. My wife didn't want one in the RV when we bought it, because she thought she'd want the storage space instead. Now after 3 years full timing, she said she'd never get another RV that didn't have one. We've not used a laundromat once since we've lived in our RV. All laundry is done at home.
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We have a heartland torque toy hauler and the way the garage is set up we have nowhere to go with a vent. We have a ventless unit and yes it drys slow but have had no issues with wrinkles. Wifie or I will toss two days worth in before we go out for our evening adventures and most of the time she is done when we return. 😁😀 Lovin Life.
Ann wants to know how many times you turn your underwear inside out during those 3 weeks. :rolleyes:
That is funny. I have been full time rving for about 5 months and I have got to the point where the 2 in 1 is not worth my time waiting. I go to the mat once a week. I am keeping the 2 in 1 in there for when we have a baby I can do a wash when absolutely needed, or other thing like some getting sick and needed to wash something when the mat is not open.