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I have replaced all the incandescent lights in our Sundance with LED's, bright white. Also added another LED socket and led light to the vent for the stove. Bonnie has poor vision due to Diabetes, its under control now, so additional light was needed.

Now I am not rich, by any means, so I didn't pay those ultra high prices for led bulbs, guess you call them that, that they charge in most stores. I do a lot of business with Amazon or Ebay. Got mine from eBay. Got a 20 pack of LED's for 9.00 and change with free shipping. These are the bayonet style that go in most of the lights in the coach, some require two, others just one. By the way, I also installed an electrical outlet in the Potty Room, again for Bonnie, now we plug a night light in there so late at night the room has light. But I digress, well I found that one pack of LED's (20) didn't do it so had to reorder another, 20 to finish it up, including the lights in the baggage area.

This is a link to the LED's Bayonet style

153122969127 Link to the LED's for the Marker lights

This is the socket I used to add an additional light under the stove hood.

I also had problems with no running lights at the brake light/turn signal. Inspected the light socket and found the socket rusted and not making contact with the bulb. No real way to clean it so I googled Command Electronics that made the light fixture and sure enough they had the replacement sockets for them. Ordered two for 9.00 plus 11.00 for shipping whew. Got them and installed them along with LED bulbs, takes a different type than listed here, and now have running lights WOOHOO.

There is an easier way if you want to replace the entire thing, whoops Bonnie just called me down for breakfast, finish this up in a second. Ok, back with breakfast eaten and a fresh cup of coffee. Lets see if I can locate the easy way.

174186069480 This is the license plate holder and LED's in the same area you can find the one for the opposite side also. The wires are color coded the same as on your original lights. So its just a matter of splicing into the same colored wire.

Oh yeah, your gonna need some of these also, the wedge type also
Hope this helps.
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Until I replaced all of the interior lights with LED’s a few years ago, I was replacing at least a half dozen of the filament bulbs each summer. Haven’t had to change an LED since.

Our home is also 95% LED’s.

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